Trump’s News Live: The latest updates as president must hand over financial documents

The Trump administration has been ordered to hand over financial documents relating to a property in New York after allegations that the president’s family and their associates swindled assets to collect millions of dollars in tax benefits.

A New York County State Supreme Court judge handed down the verdict on Tuesday, on the condition that the documents be handed in by Dec. 18.

In a statement, the attorney general investigating the allegations of injustice said “justice and the rule of law prevailed”, adding that the Trump administration must comply with the order.

Elsewhere, the first lady, Melania Trump, was accused of violating health guidelines while reading stories to patients after she removed her mask while going to a children’s hospital in Washington, DC.

The White House has denied that any rules have been broken, insisting that public speakers do not have to wear masks if their audience is more than six feet away from them.


Trump executed more Americans in 2020 than any other state

For the first time, the U.S. government has executed more people than all states combined, according to a report.

Despite declining support for the death penalty, Donald Trump executed the federal execution in 2020 after a gap of 17 years.

The Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) reports that 10 federal executions have been carried out since the 1800s.

This compares with the 7 state executions carried out during the same period.

Rory Sullivan16 December 2020 08:38


The UK Secretary of Defense says he will miss Trump, a ‘good friend’

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace probably said with a frown that he would “miss” Donald Trump because he was “a very good friend of Britain”.

Mr Oles said it was time for the UK government to try to establish a stronger relationship with the incoming bidon administration.

He said The sun: “I will miss Donald Trump because he was a good friend of Britain

“No matter what people think of him, in many cases Donald Trump’s position on the United Kingdom was perfectly aligned with ours.

“And we should all be grateful or happy when we have a US administration that supports the interests of Britain.”

This is my colleague Conrad Duncan More with the story:

Rory Sullivan16 December 2020 08:23 |


The White House defended the first woman to remove the mask during a visit to the hospital

Melania Trump was criticized for her decision to remove the mask while visiting the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC.

However, the White House issued a statement saying the first woman followed the hospital’s protocol and was always “twelve feet” away from the others.

Ms. Trump was reading stories to patients and their families on her third annual visit to the hospital.

Rory Sullivan16 December 2020 08:08


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Good morning, and welcome Independent US politics coverage is rolling.

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