Trump’s news live: The latest Twitter update as president has attacked Georgia officials

Donald Trump continued to attack Georgia’s state leadership outside midnight last night for refusing to present officials with his lies about the US election.

The president tweeted a clip from the fax news channel OAN, which he posted as an alternative to Fox News, warning Governor Brian Kemp that “Georgia is watching.” He called Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan “dumb.”

The unrest came after Georgia’s Joe Biden’s re-election victory was repeated twice. The President-elect, meanwhile, continues to add names to his incoming cabinet; The latest on the roster is reported to be retired Army General Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense.


The doctor who criticized Trump’s Covid-19 motorcade has resigned at Walter Reed Hospital.

Walter Reed, an emergency room doctor who criticized Donald Trump for greeting supporters of Donald Trump while he was ill at Covid-19, reportedly lost his transfer to the hospital.

CBS News reports that disaster medicine specialist James Phillips has not been on the hospital’s schedule since January.

After Mr Trump infected his Secret Service bodyguards with a drive-by virus, Dr. Phillips tweeted: Trump risks their lives for the theater at Trump’s direction for the political arena. It is madness. “

He has since deleted the tweet.

John Sherman8 December 2020 07:57


Trump hit the Twitter system late at night

Donald Trump continued to attack Georgia officials late at night because he refused to take seriously his baseless claim of vote fraud.

Mr. Trump also ridiculed Mr. Duncan as “dumb or corrupt” for not supporting the election conspiracy.

Georgia reaffirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the state after confirming two repeat results yesterday.

The president tweeted several clips of TV programs whose hosts supported him. He still claims to the people that he has won the election, which he did not.

John Sherman8 December 2020 07:41

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