Trump’s News Live: Recent Updates As a Trusted Partner Demands Biden’s Change

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris attended a virtual meeting with a conference of U.S. mayors in Quinn, Wilmington, Delaware on November 23, 2020.

Donald Trump finally ordered the transition to begin “in the best interests of our country.”

Mr Trump went on Twitter saying he was continuing to fight the election but he allowed GSA chief Emily Murphy to work with Mr Biden’s team.

As Michigan attests its election results and awards its selectors to Joe Biden, the president-elect has come forward with his transformation plan despite the current administration’s lack of cooperation.

As Biden prepares to undo Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy, he has announced multiple nominees for the national security role, including Anthony Blinken as the next US Secretary of State.

It was also revealed that Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will be nominated as the first female secretary of the Treasury. Mr Biden said he was ready to implement the promise of appointing many women to senior positions, including intellectual chiefs, UN ambassadors and several other possible roles.

In other news, Mr. Trump’s closest ally, Stephen Schwarzmann, has said the election is over and the president must “move forward.”

The chief executive of the Blackstone Group has asked the businessman, Mr. Trump, to grant him the necessary resources to transform the Biden team into the White House.

The former 100 Republican national security officials signed a letter condemning Donald Trump’s denial of the presidential election, marking it as a dangerous and anti-democratic attack on U.S. institutions.

Meanwhile, First Lady Melania Trump delivered Trump’s latest White House Christmas tree, as two turkeys named Korn and Cobb rested at a Down City hotel in front of the Thanksgiving Thanksgiving presidential pardon yesterday.


Trump: ‘Never admit’

Just hours after announcing that he would allow the transition to move forward, Donald Trump again made it clear on Twitter that this did not mean he was giving up fighting the election results.

Adam Winnell24 November 2020 07:06


Trump is losing faith in the legal team

Donald Trump has said he will continue his legal battle with the election results even after acknowledging that the transition process must begin – but his legal team, which the president has personally called “stupid – looks bad on him”, is concerned, according to NBC News.

Adam Winnell24 November 2020 06:09


Trump’s advisers told him he didn’t have to say “consent” but “time goes by.”

Graeme Massey24 November 2020 01:54


Another Republican is moving publicly with Senator John Biden

Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana said on Twitter that Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump.

Graeme Massey24 November 2020 01:50


Trump came out with a whipper and a tweet. It has always been that way


Biden welcomed the formal transformation process needed to get the epidemic ‘under control’

Graeme Massey24 November 2020 01:40


Celebrations as Ilhan Omar and others as president finally begin to shift

Graeme Massey24 November 2020 01:38


Trump’s comments on the change have been described as ‘attempts to overcome youth’

The president’s move to allow his administration to work with Joe Biden’s transition team by Sty Abrams has been welcomed.

Graeme Massey24 November 2020 00:21


The governor of Michigan welcomed the certificate of election results

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whiter welcomed the state’s election results certificate.

Donald Trump’s favorite target, Ms. Whitmer, took to Twitter to visit three members of the state’s Board of Canvassers, who officially presented the award to Joe Biden.

Graeme Massey23 November 2020 22:55


Carl Bernstein says 21 GOP senators despise Trump

Graeme Massey23 November 2020 23:02

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