Trump’s News Direct: Latest Updates as President vows ‘big case’ in bizarre Randy Quaid retweet spirits

Donald Trump has claimed that he will soon present evidence of ballot fraud and other misconduct with “great details” as a “big case”. His tweet in the announcement of the plan did not explain why he had not already presented evidence that his party had already sued in recent weeks.

The president continued his chaotic campaign on Tuesday, demanding actor Randy Quaid to fully reconsider the vote – even though his administration finally began the official transfer process led by Joe Biden just a day earlier.

In a retweet spray in the morning, Mr. Trump also promoted Mr. Quaid’s announcement that “Fox has killed me!” Right-wing commentator Laura Ingraham follows this section last night, where the long-serving Fox News host has admitted that Mr Biden will be the next president.

Meanwhile, the president-elect and Kamala Harris are formally preparing their cabinet members for a ceremony this afternoon. The roster includes Avril Haynes as the director of national intelligence, the first lady in that position, and Anthony Blinken as secretary of state.


Who is in Biden’s cabinet?

Joe Biden has officially begun nominating members of his cabinet since he officially began the transition to the White House. Wrote James Crump.

Despite Donald Trump’s repeated refusal to recognize and block any change, Mr Biden’s party is still monitoring potential candidates for the cabinet post.

Donald Trump considered his position flexible on Monday evening, as he accepted that a formal transition should begin to take over Mr Biden. He still did not admit.

John Sherman24 November 2020 14:54


#CCCM Biden Cabinet: Janet Yellen to Be First Female Treasury Secretary

Crisis and necessity have forced Joe Biden to return to the hands of experienced Washington when creating the administration. Enter Janet Yellen, who, if approved soon to become Senate Treasury Secretary, could become the first woman to hold four of the most powerful economic positions in the federal government, Wrote John T. Bennett.

He was chairman of the Federal Reserve under President Barack Obama and Donald Trump. He also chaired the influential White House Council of Economic Advisers under former President Bill Clinton. He will soon wear a one-of-a-kind triple crown in Washington if confirmed by the Senate.

John Sherman24 November 2020 14:38


Trump made the right claim in the tweet

Donald Trump made an accurate statement in a tweet message.

The U.S. president posted a message praising Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration.

Trump’s nominee was criticized for delaying his statement.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump tweeted: “Remember, the GSA has been terrible, and Emily Murphy has done a great job, but the GSA doesn’t determine who will be the next president of the United States.”

This answer statement is correct. The election results show that U.S. voters have decided that Joe Biden will be the next president, despite previous attempts to claim otherwise.

John Sherman24 November 2020 14:49


Voters say coronavirus support package should be Biden’s priority

A new Politico / Morning Consultative poll found that two-thirds of voters, or believe that percentage, believe the new package of coronavirus relief measures should be the “top priority” after Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

And 687 percent said the next president should prioritize the spread of the epidemic in his first 100 days. Pollsters found that overwhelming voters believed Mr. Biden was doing a better job than Donald Trump – 55 percent to 33 percent.

The survey polled 1,999 registered voters.

– Donald Trump’s work approval rating is 43 percent favorable, 55 percent not favorable. Forty-five percent of respondents strongly denied it.

– 42% of respondents say health care bill should be “top” in President Biden’s first 100 days

John Sherman24 November 2020 14:37


Rash Limbah called on Trash to present evidence of fraud

Right-wing radio host Rush Limbagh has called on Donald Trump and his legal team to present real evidence of voter fraud.

Mr. Limboff is clearly concerned about what he has seen so far from the president’s lawyers.

Speaking at a recent press conference of the legal team, he said: “You call such a huge press conference – it lasts for an hour – and you announce a huge bombing, then you have some more bombs.”

“There could be something better than what we got at this press conference. They promised to give us blockbuster stuff, and then nothing happened. And that’s right, it’s not, well, it’s not good.”

John Sherman24 November 2020 14:11


The UK sees a ‘huge opportunity’ to work with the Biden administration

Britain believes there are “huge opportunities” to work with the Joe Biden administration on defense, climate change and other issues, the foreign secretary said.

Dominic RAB told lawmakers in the House of Commons: “Whether it’s trade, security or defense, we do more together than the other two countries, and we see huge opportunities in the months ahead.”

He congratulated Mr. Biden and Orange Harris for their victory.

His shadow Lisa Nandi said: “The scene of democracy being attacked in the United States has sent shockwaves around the world. Even after announcing the change yesterday, the president said he would never accept a fake ballot.

The president’s erroneous claim has undermined US democratic standards. Does the foreign secretary now apologize for encouraging those who attack democracy by denying the claim that all votes should be counted? “

Mr Robb said it could “no longer be true” and added: “What we have consistently said is that there is a check and balance in the United States to bring a final result. It has happened. We warmly welcome the new administration. Looking forward to working with you. “

John Sherman24 November 2020 14:07


Iran’s top leader has rejected the idea of ​​new talks with the West

Iran’s top leader, Joe Biden, has rejected the idea of ​​renegotiating with the JCPO after becoming president.

Mr Biden has said he wants to rejoin the nuclear control treaty he signed as vice-president, and from where Donald Trump withdrew from the United States – a step forward that was made to prevent Tehran’s nuclear program.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s announcement comes after the Tehran government made optimistic remarks about “Trump’s absence” and the return of foreign companies to its economic sanctions.

Washington wants Iran to suspend its missile program, which is not covered by the nuclear deal, and to reduce its intervention in the Middle East. Iran has long said it will not discuss missiles and that talks cannot begin unless the United States returns to the nuclear deal and unconditional sanctions are lifted.

In a statement broadcast on state television on Tuesday, Ayatollah Khamenei expressed skepticism about the whole project of talks with the West.

“We once tried to lift the embargo and negotiate for several years, but we didn’t get it anywhere,” he said.

“They are interfering in regional affairs, telling us not to interfere. And while Britain and France have nuclear missiles, they have told us not to keep missiles. What do you have to do? You must correct yourself first.”

John Sherman24 November 2020 13:37


Trump has claimed he will file “big lawsuits” with actual evidence of voter fraud

Donald Trump is awake and tweeting. For the most part, it’s a retweet-fest at the moment but the president has taken the time to create his own message.

It is not clear why that detailed evidence was not presented in the 30-plus cases that Mr. Trump’s supporters have already filed and lost. The message has the feeling “My girlfriend goes to another school, you didn’t know her”.

The free world leader used his time to watch OAN and Newsmax instead of Fox News, claiming and promoting actors, actors, Randy Quaid for his full re-election.

John Sherman24 November 2020 12:51


Poland refuses to formally recognize Biden as President-elect despite GSA assurances of victory

Poland is still refusing to formally recognize Joe Biden as President-elect, despite the US General Services Administration handing over the keys to the White House to him last night. Wrote Matt Mathews.

On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rao said Warsaw would wait for further “political development” and the end of outgoing President Donald Trump’s legal challenge before recognizing Biden as the 4th president of the United States.

John Sherman24 November 2020 12:20


Europe hopes to be considered ‘full and equal partner’ with US under Biden

The two top diplomats said today that they are hopeful that Europe will be considered America’s ‘full and equal partner’ when Joe Biden takes over the presidency in the coming years after controlling the damage.

Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva told an event in Berlin that the EU was expecting a new round of talks on trade, with the biggest objection to talks with the Trump administration being its language.

He said: “We have treated our American friends and the Trump administration permanently, not as friends and allies but also as adversaries or even enemies.

“And we were always told to choose: either you are with us, the Americans, or you are with China.”

“Of course we are with the Americans, but not as a minor partner, not as a follower … It is a question of the United States being a full and equal partner.”

Portugal is due to take over the EU presidency at the end of December after taking over from Germany.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mash said at an event in Berlin that after a few years of “damage control” mode, Europeans would have to “get out of our seats” under the “new agreement” with Washington and take more responsibility closer to home.

John Sherman24 November 2020 12:06

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