Trump’s Live Live: Updates on the latest election as president have given him the courage to sue Democrats over RBG replacement

Trump's Live Live: Updates on the latest election as president have given him the courage to sue Democrats over RBG replacement
The woman has been arrested on charges of sending a package to Donald Trump

The president challenged Democrats if they objected to an attempt to step up to the Supreme Court on the ground by appointing a new Conservative before the November election day, but it raised public awareness after Ginsberg died of cancer. Friday.

Trump also used his morning baby to spread new conspiracy theories about Joe Biden and promise to turn the country “around the coronavirus”, killing and counting 200,000 people.

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Trump raises Democratic funds: ‘We have a lot of money too’

Since the news came that the Biden camp had spent 46 466 million on Trump’s $ 325 million last month, the president has insisted he is not worried.

He went on to express his “push” on how Biden would pronounce his name (as “orange মা comma,” he said).

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 14:02


The president said China had “lied” about the coronavirus

He added that Beijing could no longer be involved with TickTock if given the opportunity to be available in the United States.

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 13:54


Trump warns rebel GOP senators that they will be ‘badly injured’ by their opponents

The president now goes back to daring Lisa Markowski and Susan Collins to question the GOP for RBG replacement.

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 13:44


The president has accused the media of feeding Biden simple questions via teleprompter

Here Trump is once again spreading conspiracy theories about his challenger, perhaps to lay the groundwork for debating any impending controversy he may suffer.

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 13:38


“We’re turning the corner on the epidemic,” Trump said.

The president is still pushing his administration to do “extraordinary work” with the country, which has seen the deaths of two million people since Kovid-19.

He reiterated his highly vague claim that a vaccine would be ready “probably by the end of October” and that many European countries, including Britain, France and Spain, now feared a second wave of the virus.

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 13:30


Trump speculates that Democrats wrote RBG’s death wish

It is both untrue and sadly tastefully poor

Here is the story of Chris Reuter.

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 13:24


The president has said he will announce the RBG replacement nominee on ‘Friday or Saturday’

His press secretary, Calehi McKenzie, suggested it could come before Wednesday, but it was no better.

Potential nominee Barbara Lagoe is making this offer:

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 13:12


Trump joked about Fox’s Ainley Airhart being nominated to the Supreme Court

The President – in low power mode – pays homage to the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg in an uninterrupted manner …

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 13:10


Trump is talking Foxes and friends Soon

It’s hard to feel any other way about the above sentence right now.

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 12:30


‘F *** black life!’: Trump supporters shout ‘white energy’ in car parade

Ahead of a presidential re-election rally in North Carolina on Saturday, a 200-vehicle convoy of far-right extremists supporting him uttered racist sentences and told academics with a Black Lives Matter sign: “No they don’t f **** no, b *** h! Back home!” Go to C ***. “

Alamans County Tech Back Alamans County This group has been identified as a “neo-Confederate” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Joe Somerlad21 September 2020 11:43

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