Trump’s Live Live: Latest 2020 Presidential Election Update to Visit RBG Memorial Despite Death Wish

Trump's Live Live: Latest 2020 Presidential Election Update to Visit RBG Memorial Despite Death Wish
US President Donald Trump is leaving Pittsburgh on Tuesday

On Thursday, Donald Trump will visit the Supreme Court where the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg is in the state, ignoring the late judge’s ultimate desire not to nominate his successor until the election is decided, even questioning the precedent of the request.

Speaking in Pennsylvania, Trump also defended monitoring the world’s highest number of coronavirus deaths, saying the death toll could be even higher, with 200,000 Americans “doing it right.”

Disappointed, Dr. Deborah Barks could step down from the White House coronavirus task force, according to a CNN report.

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Missouri Governor tested positive for Covid-19

Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parsons, who publicly opposed the statewide order to wear a mask, tested positive for the coronavirus. On Wednesday, his wife, Teresa, tested positive.

In a video update, the governor said he was fine. His wife posted a similar message on Twitter. Once their diagnosis is confirmed, they will be kept separate for some time. He will work from the governor’s palace.

He encouraged people to practice social distance and to wear a mask. The governor says he wears a mask when needed and when social distance is difficult.

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Participants at a Michigan Trump rally tested positive for Covid-19

Oliver O’Connell23 September 2020 21:54


Trump has responded to the allegations in the Brenno Taylor case

“I love the black community and I’ve done more for the black community with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln.”

Oliver O’Connell23 September 2020 21:49


Is Trump trapped in his own trap?

Politico Reportedly, some in Trump’s campaign team have expressed concern that by attacking Biden’s age and mental intelligence, the president may have over time lowered the former vice president’s expectations that there might be an insult to “sleeping Joe” for the next president. Debate of the week.

Last-minute attempts to portray the former vice president as a seasoned debater may be too late.

Oliver O’Connell23 September 2020 21:47


Officials allege that Trump made purely racist remarks, the new report said

In the futile moments of senior aides, President Trump has said that black Americans are largely to blame for the fight for empire, which, according to current and former U.S. officials, is hampered by a lack of initiative rather than social barriers.

After a phone conversation with Jewish lawyers, Trump revolted that Jews “only live in it themselves” and “stay together” with racial allegiance that surpasses other allegiances, officials said.

She has matched Trump’s personal music with publicly published Vitriol, and his opposition to Africa is so narrow that when first lady Melania Trump planned a 2018 trip to the continent, she said she “never understands why she wants to go there.”

More than two dozen current and former U.S. officials spoke to the Post about the remarks but declined to be named.

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Harris has condemned Trump for his masked rally

During a campaign event on Wednesday, Senator Kamala Harris slammed President Donald Trump for his lack of masks and social distance during his campaign.

“To this day we have a commander-in-chief in the United States of America who is assembling without a mask, because you see he has convinced everyone that you are on one side of his mask if you are wearing a mask and you are not on the other end of his book if you don’t.” , Give valuable judgments about those who are concerned about not dying, ”he said.

“We’re talking about the president of the United States, we deserve better, we deserve better. We deserve better,” he added.

Related section at 4:54 in the video below.

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Pence brought Trump to the town where George Floyd died in a law enforcement campaign.

Vice President Mike Pence is bringing President Donald Trump’s law-enforcement message to Minneapolis on Thursday, where police tried to arrest him after George Floyd’s police tried to arrest him, and there were occasional violent protests that the city had support for law enforcement. The world

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Before the first discussion, Meghan McCain told Trump to “get some of what Joe Biden has.”

I’m talking Scene, Meghan McCain says the president is losing voters over the age of 60 at a “surprising rate” and suggests he and Joe Biden need to change personalities in the upcoming first debate.

Biden, he says, needs to look tough and strong and reassure moderates that the radicals have not taken charge of the party. Trump, on the other hand, must look like an ordinary, compassionate man.

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Ivanka Trump and Wilbur Ross chair the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board

Ivanka Trump began the event by referring to the challenge to the special forces raised by the Carnavirus epidemic, but added: “We are certainly moving in the right direction.”

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross expressed optimism about the economic bounceback from the coronavirus epidemic, citing several positive indicators of recovery.

“We are praying for the victims of the deadly virus and for those in the front row … Our country is truly proving its resilience.”

Wilbur Ross and Ivanka Trump chair the 7th American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting(White House)

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Brecona Taylor: Three inhumane endangerment charges have been filed against the officer

One of the police officers involved in the killing of Breona Taylor in March has been charged with three countable endangerments. No charges were brought against the other two officers.

At a recent ABC News Town Hall meeting, President Trump fought back in response to a question about the killings or shootings of George Floyd, Brecona Taylor and Jacob Blake: “Well, I think these were tragic incidents, and I think we have if you look at our police. But they do a great job. Your people will suffocate, make mistakes, and they happen … it happens … we have to give – we have to give the police back the power to stop crime. “

Oliver O’Connell23 September 2020 19:36

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