Trump’s Live Live: Freedom scoffs at President Biden’s mask through latest election update and election

US president Donald Trump addresses a crowd on Thursday, amid accusations that he called war dead 'losers'
US President Donald Trump addressed a rally on Thursday, accusing him of calling the war wounded “defeated.”(AFP via Getty Images)

Donald Trump has rejected a report that labeled him a “loser” and a “sucker” killed in the American war during a trip to Europe, saying it was unimportant to avoid going to the cemetery.

The U.S. president argued Thursday that for war veterans “no one did what I did” because he mocked his electoral opponent, Joe Biden, for wearing a mask over the cornovirus epidemic.

Mr. Biden was also attacked “for going to Wisconsin,” according to the U.S. president, despite meeting with the family of Democratic nominee Jacob Blake, who was shot by police.

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Gino Spokia4 September 2020 08:15 |


Trump’s comments about the American war are dead

Donald Trump was seen mocking U.S. military members during a 2018 visit to the Aisne-Marine American Cemetery in France, where he called the country’s war dead “defeated” and “successful.”

Those claims, described by the president as “insulting” and “false,” were reported by Atlantic on Thursday night.

Officials told the magazine that President Trump did not want to go to the cemetery because it was “full of victims.”

The White House blamed the trip, which was canceled due to bad weather, for pressuring Mr. Trump to cancel the trip.

A senior Defense Department official confirmed some of the comments, including first-hand knowledge of the incident and a senior Marine Corps officer. Assistant Printing Press.

Gino Spokia4 September 2020 08:58

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