Trump should be rejected by some Republican politicians

Washington DC

After supporters of the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, stormed the Capitol Building in Washington DC, a growing number of Republican leaders and politicians believed Trump should be ousted. Many Republican politicians have aligned to the 25th amendment previously raised by the Washington DC Attorney General.

as reported Cnn, Thursday (7/1/2021), although his party is overseeing Trump, several Republican party politicians reported Cnn Trump should be removed from office before January 20, when US President-Elect, Joe Biden, will be formally sworn in as America’s 46th President.

Report good Cnn Said that at least four Republican politicians called for activating the 25th amendment. It is known that the amendment governs the removal of US presidents who are considered incompetent to perform their duties.

Talked to two other Republican politicians Cnn That Trump be impeached.

An elected Republican official said, “Trump-ed) should be impeached and removed.”

A senior Republican official also said, on condition of anonymity, that Trump’s actions – which he said provoked his supporters – were enough to ease his expulsion, even though his term is just a few weeks.

“I think it’s a big setback for the system,” the official said. “How will you let him work for the next two weeks?” He asked.

Watch the video ‘Thrilling! Trump’s collective confrontation with US police ‘:

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