Trump shares letter calling for peaceful protesters’ terrorists

Letter from senior lawyer and former Trump attorney John Dowd seems to address former Defense Secretary James Mattis, and in a statement Wednesday that Mattis condemned Trump’s reaction to protests across the country after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police officer. told.

“The false protesters near Lafayette were not peaceful and were not real.” “They were terrorists who used to burn and destroy idle hateful students. They were abusing and disrespecting the police while preparing the area for the 1900 curfew.”

CNN reached the White House to comment on the protesters being identified as “terrorists”.

The President’s decision to share the letter and shocking definition of Americans using their constitutional rights comes from continuing to lean on the dictator approach to the ongoing demonstrations. On Monday, peaceful protesters just outside the White House gates declared themselves “your head of law and order” as they were scattered with gas, flash explosions and rubber bullets so he could visit a nearby church.

He stayed in the boarding building, wearing a Bible for the cameras for a few minutes before returning to the White House.

The letter was condemned from the Modern American Union, a non-profit organization for the LGBTQ military and veteran community.

“Donald Trump has just crossed a very serious line that requires quick and forced condemnation by every Congress Member,” said the group’s interim director, Air Force senior Jennifer Dane. Said. “Introducing a letter that peacefully uses American citizens’ rights to first change as a ‘terrorist’ is a serious violation of their vow to protect, protect and defend the US Constitution. Now Trump has been held responsible for more important reckless actions than ever before.”

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The episode followed about a week-long protests that occasionally turned violent upon the death of 46-year-old African American Floyd, who died while in police custody in Minneapolis across the country.

In response to President’s approach, Mattis made a statement Wednesday saying that the US should refuse to think of our cities as a ‘battlefield’ where our army in uniform was called to ‘dominate’. “

“At home, we have to use our army only in very rare cases, by state governors. As we have witnessed in Washington, DC, militarizing our reaction, the army and civil society,” wrote Mattis.

The president has repeatedly defended his reaction to the protests and even tweeted that he had no problem with the National Guard helicopter, which seemed to fly low on Monday night Monday protesters in Washington.

Columbia District National Guards are investigating the matter and an investigation is requested by Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

“The problem is not the very skilled, low-flying helicopter pilots who want to save our city, the problem is, arsonists, looters, criminals and anarchists want to destroy it (and our country)!” Trump tweeted.

According to a defense official who directly knows the crew’s orders, the helicopter had a “specified duty” to “deter” criminal activity, including rebellion and looting, in part by continuing its existence. The attendant refused to be identified because the Washington National Guard is now investigating whether flights are being made properly.

The official, Lakota UH-72, also had to deter “illegal assembly”, provide medical evacuation of the crowd when needed, and provide oversight for command and control for force protection.

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He said the investigation focused on how these orders resulted in low-level flights that sent debris flying and digested civilians.

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