Trump says coronavirus vaccine won’t be delivered to New York until governor adopts it

In a White House Rose Garden speech, Mr. Trump noticed New York Governor Andrew Cuom while updating the public about the future of the coronavirus vaccine in the midst of an epidemic.

Mr Trump accused the governor of not wanting to accept the coronavirus vaccine produced under his administration “for political reasons” and said the federal government would not send a response until Mr Kuomo had approved them.

Mr Trump added, “He doesn’t believe the vaccine is coming from anywhere.” “These are coming from the biggest companies in the world, the biggest labs in the world, but he doesn’t believe in the fact that this is the White House, this administration, so we won’t supply our New York until we get permission to do it and it hurts me.”

Mr. Trump and the Democratic governor have exchanged harsh words about their respective reactions to the coronavirus epidemic since the beginning of this year.

White House Press Secretary Calehi McKenney and other officials did not respond to inquiries into whether the president considered the state’s 19.4-meter population when making his decision.

Appearing on MSNBC on Friday, Mr Kuomo was in favor of his decision to legislate an independent review panel that could analyze vaccine data.

“It’s a way to build trust in people,” he said. “It’s not a New York issue. Seven states have a review panel because most Americans say it is a political process. ”

Questions were raised about Operation Warp Speed ​​ahead of the 2020 election, as people expressed concern that vaccines would be released in an attempt to help the president politically.

In an effort to build confidence in the coronavirus vaccine, Mr. Kuomo announced last month that New York State would independently review various JABs and data with a team of experts before continuing treatment to the public.

“I believe that all over the country you will need someone other than the FDA and the CDC who said it was safe,” Mr Kuomo said last month. Good morning America.

Operation Warp Speed ​​was an initiative created by the Trump administration to facilitate and accelerate the development, production and distribution of vaccines among the population.

During Rose Garden’s address, it was revealed that the two companies are in the final stages of developing the vaccine and were expected to request urgent approval from the FDA in the coming weeks. If the data continues in its positive direction, it could mean that vaccine delivery could begin in early December.

Mr Trump said most people could receive the vaccine by April 2021.

The news comes just days after Pfizer announced that the vaccine, developed with German drugmaker Bioentech, was 90 percent effective in a late-stage trial. The vaccine was expected to receive urgent approval from the FDA within a few weeks.

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