Trump said that the overthrow of the statue would end its ‘lawlessness’

President Trump said on Thursday that after the sculptures toppled across the country, “lawlessness was allowed to prevail”, but he will no longer allow it to take place, referring to an enforcement order he signed, which fulfills prison sentences for such vandalism.

“The lawlessness was allowed to reign. We will not let him dominate anymore. ” On your Twitter account.

The video shows pictures of sculptures marred by paint and graffiti from their pedestals and others as part of nationwide protests upon the death of George Floyd’s Minneapolis police officers.

“It started with confederation sculptures, but then George Washington went to Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln – to people who wanted to stop slavery, to people who wanted to stop slavery,” said Trump. “He went all the way because it’s obviously not important to them, anarchists, agitators, looters and people are not happy.”

Speaking for the “quiet majority”, Trump said he would not allow the sculptures to be lifted.

“I just signed an executive order a few days ago and have been very quiet ever since, if they damage our monuments or sculptures, they’ll go to jail for 10 years,” he said.

The president said on Friday that he signed the executive decision to prosecute the prosecutor, “destroying, destroying or abandoning a monument, memorial or statue in the US, or otherwise destroying government property”.

The order also extends to “religious property”, which indicates the sculptures of Christ and “other religious figures or religious artworks”.

He said that vandalized statues or monuments could be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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