Trump on the dismissal of Geoffrey Berman: ‘I’m not involved’

“Unfortunately, you chose a public demonstration on the public service, as you said last night,” the letter to Berman wrote. Said. “Since you declared that you do not intend to resign, I asked the President to lift you as of today, and he did so.”

However, Trump told reporters shortly after the letter went public, “This is not my department, it’s its department.” Said. “I do not agree.” He added.

Berman’s fever takes an extraordinary 24 hours, involving a power struggle led by prominent prosecutors outside Washington, who have prosecuted one of Trump’s lawyers, investigating someone else and examining President’s activities.

At a meeting in New York on Friday, Barr had asked Berman to resign, but according to CNN, Berman refused, and a few hours later Barr said Berman had “resigned”. Two hours later, around 23:00 ET on Friday, Berman said he learned about his supposed exit from a press release.

“I did not resign from my position assigned by the Judges of the District Court of the New York South District of the United States, and I do not intend to resign. A candidate appointed by the Presidency, Senate,” said Berman.

“I posted a statement last night, I have nothing to add this morning,” Berman told reporters on the building on Saturday morning, with news cameras from outside Manhattan’s sub-office.

Barr’s letter on Saturday noted that Berman’s current assistant, Audrey Strauss, will be “US Deputy Attorney” with the functioning of the law, and I guess that Berman will never serve in this capacity until he becomes a permanent successor. Jay Secretary of the Securities and Exchange Commission said he plans to nominate his successor, Jay Clayton.

Why would it be a difficult climb to approve someone new in Berman's post before the November elections?
With Barr’s effort to kick out one of the most powerful prosecutors in the country, as the presidents began Saturday, the Republicans had little desire to fight to confirm a new U.S. lawyer that the move was to protect Trump’s partners from the federation. research.

Republicans on Capitol Hill were blinded by the late Friday night effort to call Barr’s Berman group and showed little desire to confirm a new candidate without Democratic support – so there is a real possibility that Clayton’s candidacy could fail and Berman could remain there is a post indefinitely.

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Fast-moving developments surprised Trump and Barr’s close ally, Senate Judiciary President Lindsey Graham, who said she was not informed about the effort to expel Berman on Saturday.

And in an important announcement on Saturday, Graham announced that the home state senators will honor the tradition of allowing Berman to succeed, which means that Democrats have veto power in place of a position considered the most powerful lawyer job in the USA. country.

This story was updated on Saturday with additional improvements.

CNN’s David Shortell and Jason Hoffman contributed to this report.

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