Trump News Live: Trump Supporters Latest Election Updates Block Voters and Chaos

Donald Trump struggled with technical problems and was forced to hold a microphone during his second to last campaign rally in Wisconsin.

Mr Trump told a rally in Michigan that he would not administer a coronavirus vaccine to Americans if re-elected.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hannon, appointed by Republican President George W. Bush, has ruled that the GOP plaintiff is not in favor of doing so, rather than tossing about 127,000 ballots cast at drive-throw sites in Harris County.

The news came after the total number of votes cast in 201 came to reach or exceeded several states.

Proponents of Donald Trump have been effective on U.S. highways as this year’s election campaign has blocked roads, bridges and freeways in New York, New Jersey and Colorado and prevented voters from reaching polling stations in Temecula, California.

On Sunday, Mr. Trump suggested at a rally in Florida that he would fire the country’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fawcett, after the election, promising Mr. Biden to call his record on the coronavirus epidemic “incompetent” and to stand up for Dr. Fawcett on Twitter.


Trump on his kids: ‘If we don’t win, I won’t talk to them anymore’

Addressing a rally of Grand Rapids supporters in Michigan, Donald Trump thanked Vice-President Mike Pence as well as Trump’s own children for their campaign.

Mentioning the names of Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Tiffany, he said: “No matter what happens tomorrow, I’m proud of you all.”

However, in the end, he jokingly said: “But if we don’t win, I won’t talk to them anymore.”

Stuti mixed3 November 2020 05.33


Pence finally praised Orange for pronouncing Harris’ name

Vice President Mike Pence leaves the stage at the Grand Rapids in Michigan, where he worked in preparation for President Trump’s speech. The thing that seems to be getting a lot of attention from his speech is the correct pronunciation of Kamala Harris’ name.

Both Mr. Pence and Mr. Trump have misrepresented his name since announcing his candidacy. It has been alleged that the widespread misinterpretation was a deliberate attempt to paint Mrs. Harris as an outsider.

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Waiting for President Donald Trump as he crowds the Michigan Grand Rapids, he lamented the Vienna terror attack on the way out, calling it “another heinous act of terrorism in Europe.”

He added: “America stands with Austria, France and the whole of Europe in the fight against terrorists, including extremist Islamic terrorists.”

Stuti mixed3 November 2020 04:41


‘I amThere’s no time to start packing your bags ’, Lincoln Project blasted Trump

On the eve of the US election, the Political Action Committee Lincoln Project is making its anti-Trump position louder and clearer. Biden tweets were made after Trump was given Taketown. Find out what they said:

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Trump is fighting with Mike

President Donald Trump had some nightmares about the audio at the Wisconsin event, he promised not to pay the contractor. More details here:

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Donald Trump Jr. urges Maga supporters to vote and ‘cry for liberals’

Graeme Massey3 November 2020 03:13


Trump has admitted he doesn’t like to pay the bill

The president fought with a non-stop microphone and told the crowd that he would probably not pay the bill for the event.

“And then I won’t pay the bills of the company that makes these crazy microphones, and they’ll tell a story, ‘Trump is a terrible man, he doesn’t pay the bills.’

“I don’t like to pay bills when people do bad things, and neither do you,” Mr. Trump said, holding a hand microphone during the speech.

“But they look like nice people, they’re from Kenosha.”

Graeme Massey3 November 2020 02:21


Trump has fought with a broken mic at a Wisconsin rally

Graeme Massey3 November 2020 02:09


Trump claims that coronavirus vaccine will not be given to all Americans if he wins re-election

Graeme Massey3 November 2020 02:08


Bush declined to comment on Trump’s race, saying he had “retired from presidential politics.”

Former presidents George W. Bush and Laura Bush voted in Texas last month but are keeping their choices private.

Graeme Massey3 November 2020 00:32

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