Trump News Live: Latest 2020 Election Updates and Surveys from the White House as President

Trump News Live: Latest 2020 Election Updates and Surveys from the White House as President
US President Donald Trump has removed his mask as he returns to the White House.

Donald Trump is expected to return to the full force of the election campaign by addressing hundreds of supporters on the White House porch on Saturday.

President Kovid-19 has been on the sidelines for more than a week since the identification and his medical team has not yet been declared virus-free, but it is clear the public is busy resuming.

His second TV debate with rival Joe Biden has been canceled, but after the president refused to take part.


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been released from Morristown Medical Center where he stayed after contracting the Covid-19.

Former Governor “Thanks to the great doctors” [and] Nurses “who served him at the medical center during his recovery from the novel virus, which is responsible for more than 210,000 deaths across the country this year.

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 15:04


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Covid-19 has been released from hospital after treatment.

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 14:45


Hours after Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer revealed that a group of anti-government vigilantes from the FBI had planned to kidnap him, he made it clear that he “blamed Trump for engaging with those who spread fear and hatred and division.” .

At the risk of politics at the moment, the governor said he did not think twice about summoning the president, telling the Associated Press: “I am raising two daughters, whom I want to be brave, you know, and have the strength to tell the truth. ”

Whiter’s speech had the expected effect. Instead of expressing concern for his own safety or health, Trump said he had “done a terrible job as governor” and “instead of thanking you, he called me a white supremacist.”

Some Republicans feared that Trump’s response would hit him in a situation where he was desperately trying to win Nov. 3.

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 14:07


How is it inside Donald Trump’s head? We learned Friday that the president took listeners to a two-hour complaint, a conservative radio show on the Gripps and Gregorians ride.

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 12:41


Hillary Clinton says there is no comparison between the health problems of her 201 campaign when she was diagnosed with pneumonia, and Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19.

“It’s apples and oranges,” according to Mrs. Clinton, who stumbled upon the camera and fainted during a 9/11 commemoration ceremony in New York City.

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 12:37


In his first on-camera interview after being hospitalized with the coronavirus, Donald Trump described how the Quid-19 spread to the White House, where more than a dozen people tested positive for the virus.

Health officials have claimed that the Rose Garden incident, announced on September 2 as the US Supreme Court nominee for president, was probably a “super-spreader” event, following her inner circle with her first departmental lady, Lady Melania Trump The main collaborators, tested positive in his next week

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 12:35


Biden has been critical of the campaign events

Trump rival Joe Biden has sharply criticized the president’s decision to launch the campaign.

He told reporters in Paradise, Nevada: “Good luck. I can’t show it without your mask and distance.”

A source familiar with the planning of the White House event said today that all attendees would be expected to wear masks.

At Trump’s public meeting in central Florida on Monday, people will be given temperature checks, masks that will encourage them to wear and access sanitis in their hands, the campaign said.

Biden will travel today to Erie, a town in northwestern Pennsylvania, a state where Trump briefly took power over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2011 narrow election.

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 12:14


Donald Trump said in his first on-camera interview after a positive test for Covid-19 last week that he was feeling “really strong.”

Speaking to Dr. Mark Siegel of Fox’s Tucker Carlson tonight, the president said he was feeling “drug-free” and “strong” until Friday.

In an interview – which took place shortly after the second presidential debate was called off – Mr. Trump added that he was a candidate for the coronavirus but it was not clear if he had learned the result. However, he did not claim to be free of the virus.

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 11:44


A debate between Donald Trump and his presidential opponent Joe Biden was canceled next week because Trump refused to take part.

The presidential debate watchdog has reported that the match-up between Democratic candidate Trump and Biden, scheduled for October 15, has been officially canceled.

In the wake of the president’s illness, the Presidential Debates Commission refused to take part in what was supposed to be the second of three debates with Trump Biden after it was moved to a virtual contest.

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 11:24 |


Presidential balcony address ready

Donald Trump is taking the first step toward starting a private election campaign today, when he is expected to comment on the “law and order” theme to hundreds of supporters from the White House porch.

The president has been vocal for more than a week after being diagnosed with Covid-19 during a critical turn in the November 3 election campaign.

He is still certified as virus-free by his medical team and questions remain about whether he is infected, but to this day he has been cleared to resume public engagement.

And on Monday, Trump is planning a campaign rally in Central Florida, a must-win state for his second term.

Chiara Giordano10 October 2020 11:17 |

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