Trump News Live: Fousi urges Biden to get covid vaccine as latest updates

Mr Trump has claimed that he has been the victim of “mass voter fraud” despite evidence of failure in court and multiple legal defeats. On Tuesday, he retweeted a message calling for imprisonment for refusing to help Georgia’s GOP Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger return the results of the state’s fair and democratic elections to his side.

The president is at odds with fellow Republicans in the state of Peach over his upcoming Senate runoff, as he continues his campaign to raise funds that threaten party candidates Kelly Lofler and David Perdu and threaten to cut off grants to his own war. Book for legal challenge mount.


White House Schedule Press Briefing

Oliver O’Connell15 December 2020 16:36


The Texan Democrat has shared a video of his appeal to Barrer to defend the Constitution

The clip, shared by Congresswoman Veronica Escobar on Twitter on Monday, was filmed in 2012 after she refused to testify in front of the House of Representatives about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2011 election.

“We truly love your help in defending the constitution,” he pleaded.

“Of course,” he replied indifferently before leaving the hall.

James Crump has the details.

Joe Somerlad15 December 2020 16:25


Republican senator mocks Biden for going to ridiculous lengths to avoid being called president-elect

Come on Kevin Kramer, leave. Even Mitch has cracked.

Joe Somerlad15 December 2020 16:05


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Trump tweeted calling for Georgia Republicans to be imprisoned

Even when Mitch McConnell has given up the ghost of bias, you know that you are yourself.

But the president is not taking action yet, now Georgia’s GOP Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Rafensberger (in photoshopped Chinese flag-clad masks ??) have called for his imprisonment for refusing to help him return to a fair democratic election. ‘Think of the bar.

He continues to talk word for word about the voting machine in a conspiratorial manner with spontaneous eyes.

However, reassurance, it’s all over.

Nathan Place here Indie Voices Sighing over yesterday’s Electoral College ballot.

Joe Somerlad15 December 2020 15:50


McConnell admits Biden and Harris wins by a big margin with Trump

Now really, how hard was that?

Senate Majority Leader John T. Bennett is finally doing the right thing here.

Joe Somerlad15 December 2020 15:35


Trump-backed GOP politicians ‘weaken’ US position in world, says Republican governor

Maryland’s Larry Hogan simply surpassed the President’s Christmas card list if he hadn’t already.

Matt Mathews has his comments.

Joe Somerlad15 December 2020 15:20


Melania Trump Rumors of Mar-a-Lego Removal After Visiting Florida Schools for 35,000 a Year

While all eyes are on Trump’s next move, the first lady seems to have just given a big hint.

Gino Spokia has the latest.

Joe Somerlad15 December 2020 15:05


Cleland McKenna Condemned for Claiming Biden’s Electoral College Statement ‘Divisive’

McKinney claimed in his election “disguise” that he had responded to Biden’s faded address by listing the political allegations of several of his bosses, including his most recent false claim.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, he wrote, “Three years of fake Russian investigations,” “Basel impeachment … the election is being tightened by mass mail-in voting without W / no security measures.”

Matt Mathers has the reaction.

Joe Somerlad15 December 2020 14:50


Trump has angered the GOP over Georgia’s fundraising messages

The president is reportedly at odds with his fellow Republicans over the upcoming Georgia Senate run-off. Politico, As his campaign carries the message of raising funds in the state that threatens to take away grants from GOP candidates Kelly Loffler and David Perdu and reject his own fraud in the bosom of legal challenge war.

Lofler and Perdu faced a tough fight against Rafael Warnock and John Osf on January 5, respectively, the magazine wrote:

“Trump’s offensive fundraiser seems to be dedicated to defending Georgia’s two Senate seats and helping them win a Senate majority. But the fine print shows that most of the revenue is going to Trump’s newly launched PAC, which he plans to spend money on for his future political activities. Only a fraction is going on in the Republican National Committee, who are spending. Is investing 20 million. “

Joe Somerlad15 December 2020 14:35


Fawcett asked Biden to give him a covid vaccine shot

Dr Anthony Fawcett said the president-elect and his aides had taken their coron virus job “as soon as possible” to ensure a timely release of the virus in January so they could run on the ground.

Joe Somerlad15 December 2020 14:20

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