Trump News Live: Biden News Story shares latest US election updates as President

U.S. President Donald Trump declined to deny Kevin at NBC Town Hall on Thursday

Donald Trump returned to his campaign trail after calling “completely crazy” in his attempt to curb the show at his NBC Town Hall, where he called the president “someone’s crazy uncle.”

Trump called Joe Biden, head of the “Organized Crime Family,” with Hunter Biden after Trump gave his famous father a multi-million dollar “vacuum” to enrich the family.

The rent was provided at a ceremony for seniors in Florida, where Trump promised that seniors would first line up for the coronavirus vaccine, and also receive free trial treatment provided by the president, which raised the question: “Who can I fight today?”.


Women who went viral to praise Trump’s laughter during town hall will still vote for Biden

“I believe the man has a very nice smile; The day after Trump Town Hall went viral, Platt Dale said there was no reason to comment on the matter. “Laughter is important to me. I like good teeth. “

But he is still going to vote for Joe Biden.

Independent You can find out why Oliver O’Connell.

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 23:08


DD has backed President Joe Biden and launched the political party ‘Our Black Party’

DD backed Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election and launched a political committee aimed at addressing the needs of black people.

“The people most responsible for this man’s death should be and they are white people. We are on different sides of a war.

There is the story of Clemens Michaellon.

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 23:05


See: ‘Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up’ – Clinton treats crowd at Trump rally

Crowds at Florida rally call for Hunter Biden’s imprisonment

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 22:56


Trump cornered a Florida campaign rally

The president is now talking for a full hour, so he should be in the air soon. Or one more hour of talking. The way it can go.

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 22:32


See: Trump repeats favorite line that Ilhan Omar ‘married his brother’

Trump claims Congresswoman ‘married her brother’ and ‘hates our country’

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 22:24


Trump is quoted again New York Times, Not suddenly fake news, coronavirus optimism

Things are going as fast as I can. I’ve been cautiously optimistic. Experts say with real confidence that the epidemic in the United States will probably be much sooner than they expected, perhaps by the middle of next year.


Read the story in question, by Donald G. McNeil Jr.

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 22:23


A glimpse of Trump’s crowd in Florida

Through White House correspondent Jordan Fabian.

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 22:10


Truth test: ‘Only Biden can read a piece of paper, never Trump’

“I’m not allowed to take papers, am I?” Am I being allowed to take out the paper and start reading? Very amazing huh. Very nice. He tore up that paper, you know why, because it’s not working very well. ”

Investigations: Trump pulled out a sheet of paper during his town hall visit on NBC.

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 22:01


Trump says Michigan governor’s abduction plot was “something some people were doing”

Focusing on Gretchen Whiter, Trump said the men accused of plotting his abduction were “doing whatever it takes.”

Trump said, “We’ll find out what some people were able to do, what we were doing, and then he said it was my fault, my people caught them, it was Trump’s fault, it was always Trump’s fault,” Trump said.

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 21:51


Trump went back to the script for a minute

School Choice, Immigration, Second Amendment, Lockdown.

Justin Valizo16 October 2020 21:48 |

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