Trump management urges Supreme Court to overthrow Obamacare

The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to overthrow Obamacare on Thursday night.

Ministry of Justice sues In 2017, after the Congress passed the tax legislation that lifted fines because the laws did not have health insurance, the Eligible Care Act was converted into a constitution in violation of the constitution.

Filing comes as the nation continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The department did not briefly mention the virus, but the same day came the same day as the federal data was released, with nearly a million people enrolled in healthcare through ACA during the pandemic, which cost millions of Americans the same day. .

The overthrow of ACA may mean that 20 million Americans will lose health insurance, but the situation will not be heard until the decline is at least.

In its previous legal arguments, the Administration focused on removing provisions that prevent healthcare providers from discriminating against people based on pre-existing conditions. In the past, President Trump has insisted that Americans can find coverage regardless of their medical history.

Attorney General Noel Francisco wrote in a short text Thursday that “if the penalty for non-coverage is eliminated, then the rest of the ACA must also drop.”

Federal data showed that 487,000 people signed up for coverage with after losing workplace coverage this year – a 46 percent increase over the same period last year.

However, this figure is considered to be incomplete because it does not contain records from states that operate their own health portals, including California and New York.

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