Trump has revealed that if he stays ‘ahead’, he will declare election night victory: report

Donald Trump has told believers that if he declares victory on election night, it looks like he is “ahead”, a new report on Sunday claimed.

Mr. Trump has spoken through this scene over the past few weeks and before appearing on a stage and prematurely claiming he has won, the three have told Axios.

Insiders say the president will act as soon as he is seen winning battlefield states in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Arizona and Georgia.

Observers say Mr. Trump may appear ahead of election night in Pennsylvania, but a large number of mail-in ballots will still have to be counted.

“It’s nothing more than people trying to cast doubt on Trump’s victory. When he wins, he’s going to say so, “said Tim Murto, Trump’s campaign communications director.

And it is to be hoped that Mr. Trump’s campaign will count and will count any ballots cast after November 3 amid baseless claims of election fraud.

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller has openly said that the president will only fail to be re-elected if the Democrats fail to “steal” and “change the results” by counting all the ballots.

Pennsylvania officials are not allowed by law to begin counting ballots before election day, and ten times more mail-in ballots are expected than in 2016.

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