“Trump election and Brexit scenarios bear disturbing parallels to Macron-Le Pen duel”

“What could be unimaginable? », surprised by an editorial New York Review of Books Against all odds, seven weeks before Donald Trump won the US presidential election on November 8, 2016. Less than five months ago, on the eve of the Brexit referendum, one could honestly doubt that our practical British neighbors would choose to jump in. Void by voting to leave the European Union (EU). On June 23, however, they decided to do so by 51.89%.

If such unforeseen scenarios, or even “Unimaginable” What is worth recalling, on the eve of the second round of French presidential elections, is that they come from a political context that bears disturbing parallels with the new Macron-Le Pen duel. And that, in the United Kingdom in the United States, the “unthinkable” happened when the camp was supposed to involve “reason”, almost certain to win.

“Patriots against globalists”, “Ordinary people against lesson-takers”, our 2022 presidential election posters already belonged to the contest in which supporters and opponents of Brexit clashed in the United Kingdom six years ago. On the one hand, the nationalists exploited the nostalgia for a grand mythological past and needed “Regain border control” To justify a break with the European Union. On the other hand, the economic and intellectual elite associated with international cooperation.

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Already the spring of immigration was central. Just as closing borders and banning foreigners affects almost the entire program of Marine Le Pen, which promises “To give back to the French their country”Nigel Farage, British far-right leader, reiterates “We want our country back! » (“Give us our country back!”), Delighted by the announcement of Brexit success, Farage was applauded “Victory to the common people, of the honest people”, Expressions, found in the mouth of the leader of the RN, exclude foreigners or those whom she considers so.

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Hand tricks

like M.Me Le Pen, who makes a point of reducing French budgetary contributions to the EU in order to relieve public finances, promises to finance the public health system with “saved” money after Boris Johnson left the union. He didn’t hesitate to brush off the danger of waiting lists in hospitals if he was in the EU. An open lie during the COVID-19 crisis.

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and if mMe Today Le Pen A. hid its resentment against the EU behind the project “Coalition of European Nations”, That time is not far away, a day after the Brexit victory, when he “Vibrated with the British who seized this extraordinary opportunity to come out of bondage”. An excitement he has since shrugged off: the British economy is suffering from an exit from the European Union and so-called “Global Britain” is suffering from isolation.

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