Trump donors pumping money into AOC rival Caruso-Cabrera vault

The best donors to President Trump also show that the Democratic Representative has pumped thousands of dollars into the campaign audience for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

Broadcaster Stanley Hubbard, who contributed $ 175,000 to the pro-Trec Great American PAC with the Federal Election Commission, contributed a maximum of $ 5,600 to Caruso-Cabrera.

“Cowboy venture capitalist” Darren Blanton, who gave $ 41,000 to pro-Trump campaign assets, also donated $ 5,600 to Caruso-Cabrera.

Financier Nelson Patz, who organized a generous fundraising at the Palm Beach house earlier this year to help raise $ 10 million for Trump and RNC, earned $ 5,600 in Caruso-Cabrera’s campaign.

Entrepreneur capitalist Walter Buckley, who donated pro-Trump America to $ 1 million to the Super PAC Now and $ 125,000 to the Trump Victory fund, earned $ 5,600 to AOC’s chief rival.

AOC contradicts great work, symbolized by Wall Street and Amazon opposing a scattered plan to open a campus center along the Queens coast.

Caruso-Cabrera is a former experienced business journalist and CNBC anchor.

Caruso-Cabrera works as a moderate, professional democratic alternative to Ocasio-Cortez in the 14th congress area in Astoria, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights and College Point in Queens, as well as in Morris Park, Parkchester, City Island neighborhoods, and in the Bronx Neck Neck.

Caruso-Cabrera supported the canceled Amazon center and criticized AOC for helping scuttle.

Asked about the donations from Trump supporters, Caruso-Cabrera spokesman Hank Sheinkopf said, “The divisive behavior of AOC has created the national coalition that supports MCC. AOC continues to work against our presidential candidate, Joe Biden. AOC prefers to be Donald Trump with 13.7 percent. His vote for SALT was at a key step with the President, who hurt NY. “

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He was referring to AOC’s vote against a House bill to repeal the law that restricts state and local tax cuts on federal income tax returns, which benefits substantially richer homeowners taxpayers and voting records.

During a NY1 discussion on Friday night, candidates were asked if they could earn taxes by earning at least $ 500,000 to households. The three participants were AOC, Caruso-Cabrera and Badrun Han from the Celalabad Association.

Ocasio-Cortez said yes to wealthy residents like Kahn about collecting taxes.

Caruso-Cabrera said it opposed “no” tax increases during the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

They also squared in a rickety debate last month.

The primary election is June 23, but early voting begins on Saturday. Residents may also choose to vote by post.

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