Trump detonated Biden, praised Tulsa for encouraging coronavirus fears

Trump detonated Biden, praised Tulsa for encouraging coronavirus fears

President Trump returned victoriously and furiously to the rally scene on Saturday night, and Tulsa said they were embarrassing anarchist-coding Joe Biden, adding a basement to a smaller audience than expected.

“Joe Biden remains silent in the basement, in the face of this attack on the values ​​of this nation,” Democrat elected president, cheering his opponent.

Trump mocked the former vice-president’s rally on Wednesday and around 20 fans attended.

Encouraging the COVID-19 fears and a revolving community of protesters, Tulsa told her participants that they would not fill the 19,000-seat BOK Center for almost two hours of conversation.

Having had to cancel a planned conversation to the “overflow” crowd before the overflow had happened before, Trump blamed the massive stacks of empty seats in the media.

“We are starting our campaign,” he addressed his first rally in more than three months.

“I stand before you today to declare that the quiet majority is stronger than ever.”

Trump spent most of his speech complaining of the nation’s sweeping protests since Remembrance Day, and died when George Floyd was detained by police in Minneapolis.

Early Saturday, a barricade, “police-free” protester camp never got angry at Seattle, where one person died and one was injured.

How about Seattle? she asked, moaning from the crowd.

“I may be wrong now, but it is probably better to follow this disaster,” he said.

“Let it boil… let people see what the radical leftist Democrats will do to our country,” he said.

“The non-fading mafia group is trying to sanctify our history,” he said.

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“And cancel anyone who doesn’t follow their demands.

“We don’t fit – that’s why we’re here.

“They want to destroy our heritage, so they can impose their own cruel and oppressive regimes in place … these people are crazy cold!”

“We will advocate confidentiality, free thinking, free speech, religious freedom, and the right to hold and carry weapons.

“And when you see these mad people on all the streets, it’s nice to have arms.”

After the opening speech at West Point, the president spent more than ten minutes on a couple of bizarre images that showed the online trend.

Someone showed him with both hands to drink from a glass of water; the other showed him walking down a ramp after leaving the podium.

The crowd of Tulsa laughed as Trump accused her slippery leather-sole shoes for her slow advance on the ramp – and explained that she used two hands to drink with fear of spilling water on her tie.

He then gave an exaggerated demonstration of his ability to drink water with one hand, roaring with laughter and then throwing the remaining liquid next to the podium.

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