Trump denies defeating Pennsylvania lawsuit, denies he won state by ‘many things’

Outgoing President Donald Trump has ousted his latest election lawsuit in Pennsylvania with “a lot” of false claims of state victory.

Mr. Trump complained that, without proof, the vote for Joe Biden, the president-elect in Pennsylvania, was made “out of thin air” in a Saturday morning tweet.

The post, identified by Twitter as misleading, came just hours after a Philadelphia federal court there rejected its legal team’s challenge to the election results.

A three-judge panel on Friday unanimously voted to spread the case, saying Tim Trump provided no evidence of voter fraud.

“We don’t have specific allegations and then evidence is needed for the allegations. We are not here either,” Judge Stefanos Bibas wrote in the court ruling.

In the case of Tim Trump, observers of the proposed poll observers were banned from observing the vote counting process. They argued that the states illegally allowed the county to decide whether voters could fix the mail-in ballot with missing signatures or confidential envelopes.

The defeat is an attempt to disobey the will of the American people by overturning an election of Mr. Trump, 744, and his lawyers, which he has lost both in the electoral college and in the popular vote.

Undeterred by Pennsylvania’s defeat, Mr. Trump reiterated his baseless claim of irregularities in the ballot, launching another Twitter tweet at midnight.

Mr. Trump defeated Pennsylvania by nearly 61,660 votes, according to the Associated Press’s most up-to-date count.

And as Justice Bibas noted, despite Trump’s claims, there is still no evidence of voter fraud in the state.

President-elect Joe Biden received 3,459,923 votes in Pennsylvania after turning red for Trump in 2011.

Following the lower court’s expulsion, Tim Trump’s case was referred to the Third Circuit Court of Appeal for consideration.

The lower court’s decision to dismiss the case laid the groundwork for Pennsylvania’s election chiefs to officially declare President Md. Biden the state’s winner, receiving votes from his 20 electoral colleges.

Electoral college officials are scheduled to meet on Dec. 14, a date some Trump insiders have acknowledged could be his last.

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy,” Judge Bibas said in a landmark 21-page judgment, directly attacking Mr. Trump’s attempts to destroy democracy in the state.

He added: “Allegations of unfairness are serious. But calling the election unfair does not make it so.”

Judge Bivas further noted that the number of ballot parties aimed at Trump’s challenge is much smaller than the margin of his defeat and consequently unnecessary.

Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer and leader in challenging his election results, said he would take the fight to the Supreme Court.

“And Pennsylvania’s leading judicial apparatus continues to cover up allegations of widespread fraud,” he and his co-publicity lawyer, Jenna Ellis, said after the verdict was announced.

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