Trump attacks Cuomo brothers on tweetstorm about George Floyd’s protests

President Trump attacked the Cuomo brothers on Tuesday – commented on the turmoil that occurred during protests in New York and highlighted the rolling degrees of the CNN server.

“Yesterday was a bad day for the Cuomo Brothers. New York looters have disappeared into bandits, Radical Left and all other Lowlife & Scum formats. The governor does not accept my proposal from a dominant National Guard. NYC is broken into pieces. Similarly, Fredo’s grades dropped 50%! ” It was published on Twitter.

On Monday, the White House said Trump would call law 1807, which would allow the US army to send to the states if the governors did not disperse the National Guard to organize protests and riots over the death of George Floyd, who had returned in some places. it is lawless and includes plunder and swaddling.

“We cannot let the right screams of peaceful protesters be overwhelmed by an angry gang,” Trump said.

A few minutes after his announcement at the White House, the president and senior management officials marched to St. John’s Episcopal Church, illuminated over the weekend, along Lafayette Park.

The president removed a copy of the Bible while taking pictures in front of the historic church.

Rejecting Trump’s offer to deploy the army, the governor Andrew Cuomo mocked the president’s appearance in the church, making him look like a reality show.

“The president wants him to make a TV show of God and the country,” CNN said on Monday as Cuomo said on Monday. “Call the army, then I go to church and hold a Bible.”

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“He used the army to make a peaceful protest so that he could take pictures in the church,” Cuomo said. “It’s all just a reality TV show for this president. It’s a shame. ”

Protests in New York crowded on Monday evening, and crowds roamed in Midtown Manhattan, and despite 23 o’clock a number of high-end stores ransacked. curfew.

More than 200 people were arrested.

Interviewing his brother at the CNN show “Cuomo Prime Time”, Chris Cuomo has seen his ratings have dropped nearly 50 percent since March 30.

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