Trump angry at his own golf course, saying ‘I hate this f ** king hole’

Donald Trump jumped on his own golf course in Thanksgiving and exclaimed that he “hated this ch ** king hole, he played before dinner.”

Got the video TMZ About 20 miles northwest of Washington DC and the White House, Mr. Trump was spotted tearing up an 800-acre resort when he shouted “Ahs ** t!” Said.

As the ball disappeared into the distance, he added, “I hate this Ch ** King hole”, when the staff behind the camera laughed at the comments.

He has now played nearly 300 times as president with 298 tours of the Trump National Golf Clubs. Golfnews net Analysis.

Mr Trump jumped on the bandwagon, saying the presidency was “too far away” as Joe Biden answered questions for the first time since announcing victory in the 2020 presidential election about three weeks ago.

Mr Trump, sitting behind a small wooden desk decorated with presidential seals, raised his voice to a reporter who wanted to know if his allegations of electoral fraud were true and said: “I, the President of the United States, will never talk to me like that.”

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