Trump administration decides on new sanctions against European products

The dispute over state aid between the United States and the European Union that has benefited Airbus and Boeing is not ending. The Trump administration surprised everyone, on December 30, 2020, the new ban, 1 billion euros, which will be struck as customs, German and French products, on November 9, for an amount of 4 billion euros Reaction to the surcharge introduced by the European Union in 2020. This was a response to the first round of EUR 7.5 billion in customs already decided by the United States, but authorized by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and affecting various products. Airbus, wine, knives, sheets and machinery faced significant surcharges ranging from 15% to 25% …

European Commission reacted “Regrets” These new product additions to America’s vengeance list. This movement “Unilaterally disrupts ongoing negotiations between the US Commission and the US Trade Representative’s office”, We say in Brussels.

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The Trump administration’s decision comes a few days before its mandate comes to an end, not coincidentally. “The current administration is really doing everything to complicate life for Joe Biden’s future team, Analyzes Michael Hahn, director of the International Economic Law Institute in Geneva. And then Donald Trump sent a targeted message to those who have betrayed him from his point of view. ” Germany and France will be the two countries affected by these surcharges, starting with the wine and cognac regions.

“Friendly decision”

In Paris, Bruno Le Mayer, Minister of Economy, Julian Denrmandi, Minister of Agriculture, and Frank Rister, Minister of Trade, condemned the United States decision in a joint press release. They will impose restrictions “Especially for the unacceptable damage to our producers of wines and spirits as well as European exporters for aeronautical companies”. According to the French government, it “Friendly decision” Come “Pause with unilateral discussions” It has progressed for fifteen years to find a solution to this conflict.

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This commercial dispute has been going on since 2004. On this issue: Subsidies given by France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain to Airbus for the development of its various aircraft. For the United States, this state aid constituted competition distortions and was not compliant with WTO rules. On the European side, Boeing was criticized for being favored by many states in the United States through tax credits. The World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Body ruled in favor of both parties, in 2019 and again in 2020, to impose sanctions.

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