Trudeau leaves for Europe to meet allies on Ukraine

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to Europe to meet with allies regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Trudeau left Canada on Sunday morning ahead of Monday’s meetings with the prime ministers of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands as the situation escalated.

In the coming days, the Prime Minister is expected to meet other leaders in Riga, Latvia, Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland.

He is also scheduled to meet the NATO Secretary General and members of the Canadian Armed Forces during his visit.

The prime minister’s office said it would work with its allies to respond to the humanitarian challenges posed by Russia’s military aggression and conflict, which has prompted more than one million people to flee Ukraine since late last month.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged for a no-fly zone on his country and rebuked NATO for refusing to enforce one, warning that “everyone who dies from this day will also die.” ” because of you “.

But NATO refused, with Russian President Vladimir Putin making it clear that he would view such a move as an act of hostility.

Instead, a coalition of Western nations decided to send weapons and defensive equipment to Ukraine, attacking the Russian economy.

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Federal Minister for International Development Harjit Sajjan announced on Sunday that he would be visiting Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

He will meet with the United Nations and NGOs in Geneva on Monday to discuss the response to the pandemic and humanitarian crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan before traveling to Eastern Europe.

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For security reasons, the exact locations will not be disclosed prior to travel.

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie has traveled to Europe in recent days for a meeting with NATO and European Commission officials about ongoing efforts to impose sanctions on Russia.

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