Trucks running again in Dover: Agreement between England and France – News

After a halt for days, trucks are rerouting in south-east England, but progress is slow. Goods can now be transferred back to France from the important British port of Dover and via Eurotunal.

According to information from BILD, European Transport Ministers called until late in the evening.

France and England have agreed on a solution according to which the operation of several thousand trucks per day should be possible by Christmas Eve. The plan: Drivers are allowed to leave England, then will also be tested for Corona upon arrival in Calona, ​​France, and must then continue driving if the test result is negative.

France has agreed to establish a test center for several thousand truck drivers and commission it as soon as possible. Until now, France did not want to get England’s truck drivers across the canal.

BILD from Transport Minister Andreas Sheuer (CSU, 46): “This is a ray of hope for all drivers who want to visit their families these days. In this seemingly insoluble state, it has paid off to continue negotiations at the European level. I hope that thousands of truck drivers will soon be able to see their loved ones again in good health. “

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