Triple immunization strategy of vaccination

“Pfizer vaccine dose delivery will be at least threefold in April, this will allow us to triple our vaccination capacity, a significant change of scale”, Gers, Xavier Bruncier, one on Wednesday 17 March During the press, the conference was attended by Philip Martin, President of the Departmental Council, and Jean-Michel Blay, a representative of the Garces.

For a moment the Departmental Council provides the means to achieve this objective, that after moving from 2,700 vaccinations to 6,500 per week, Philip Martin revealed the data: “75 to the departmental call center for appointments and 65 to 74 April If necessary, 10 operators will be available 5 days a week from 9 am to 3 pm. In late April, we will vaccinate the population of Gers from 15% to 30%, i.e. 60,000 people, a significant quantitative leap, we must act. Finally, 11 vaccination centers will be set up in Auk, which will be moved to the room.

The chairman of the departmental council also recalls that the vaccine has been vaccinated in their homes from February 24 to today, with 80 severely disabled people and 350 more vaccinations coming up.

Even though the situation remains fragile as in the epidemic in Gers, the figures show a fixed loop of the virus with a rate of 60 per 100,000 inhabitants and a positivity of 2.70%. “I salute the residents of Gers for their continued efforts and discipline. We are at minimum rates, which is why we can accommodate patients from other areas, our department is a civic department, ”Philippine Martin concludes.

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