Travel News: With the ‘dramatic’ increase in bookings, much more is being published around the world

THe added eight new additions to the separation-free list effective November 14 (yesterday): Bahrain, Chile, Iceland, Cambodia, Laos, UAE, Qatar and Turks and Caicos. Of the eight, these destinations are – or will soon be – most likely on holiday:

Dubai: After December 2, You can visit. Here’s the FCO advice: Passengers arriving in Dubai from the UK have the option to take a negative Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test before departure, which is valid for 969 hours from the test date, or arrive at Dubai Airport to take a PCR test. The rest of the UAE travelers must have run a test within 9 hours and got a negative result before they left. Depending on your port of entry, you will also need to undergo a second check on arrival, wear a government-supplied wristband, and complete a period of self-separation.

Chile: Not yet fully, but Chilean authorities announced on Thursday that Santiago International Airport (not the land border) will be open to international visitors from November 23, with a wide range of protocols (including a certificate of negative Covid test) – but without a separate deadline. The timing is perfect.

Iceland: All passengers can self-isolate for 14 days after arrival or take two Covid-19 tests, one on arrival and the other 5-6 days later. In this you have to differentiate yourself, make it more difficult instead of traveling. The exam fee is ISK 11,000, or ISK 9,000, if booked in advance, and the second exam is free. Children receiving 2005 or later will be exempt from both testing and self-isolation.

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Cambodia: There are numerous hoops to jump in and you should be careful where you change planes (Kuala Lumpur is OK; not Singapore). If you want to enter Cambodia, you will need:

  • Get Visa Before Arrival – Visa Exemption Policy, Arrival Visa and E-Visa Arrangement Suspended Indefinitely
  • Receive another medical certificate 72 hours before the date of travel, stating from an appropriate health authority that you do not have Covid-119. You should not use the NHS testing service to take your test for the convenience of traveling to another country. You should arrange for a personal test.
  • There is proof of insurance that includes a minimum of US ৫০ 50,000 for medical cover

Turks and Caicos: If you are visiting Turks and Caicos Islands, you must get pre-travel approval through the Assured Portal of Turks and Caicos Islands. This requires proof of negative Covid-19 test from a reputed facility taken within 5 days of arrival in Turkey and Caicos, proof of health / travel insurance with Covid-19 cover and a complete health screening questionnaire. Not in the list of travel corridors is Today’s news can definitely inspire airlines to start direct flights, so check out this place.

Bahrain: Bahrain International Airport remains open for travel and transfer passengers, and visas for arrivals have been reintroduced for 686 nationalities, including the United Kingdom. Everyone arriving in Bahrain will have to carry out the extended arrival test process of Covid-19 and will have to provide self-compliance until the test results are obtained. Anyone staying in Bahrain for 10 days or more must repeat the test procedure on the 10th day after they arrive in the Kingdom. Before the test, you need to download the “BAware” app. You should check the Bahrain Visa Portal for the latest information.

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