Travel Latest News: International travel will not be illegal for people living in Tier 3

M.More than half of skiers are willing to accept the government’s new five-day quarantine rules in exchange for the opportunity to go on ski vacation this winter, reports Lucy Aspaden.

A survey conducted by ski equipment rental company Insert, which has stores across Europe, found that 80 per cent of skis are still hoping to hit opal this season, with the majority (59 per cent) satisfied with the separation for five on their return day

However, there are a number of obstacles to encountering these determined skiers before hitting the determined ones. The lack of travel options and the two main reasons for insurance cover are that skiers still have stopped booking their trips. Most people still haven’t taken a vacation, with more than 41 percent wanting to leave it until the last minute, once their safety at Europe’s knowledge resorts is restored.

“Of course we all want to see British skiers here this winter,” said Arnaud Koppel, head of France’s InterSport fares.

“We know that quarantine is a real problem for our British friends on their way back to the UK. We welcome changes in the number of individual days of the European government and we can assure our customers that these stores are ready for this unusual winter without virtual queuing arrangements, mandatory alcohol gels and masks and no question-and-ask policy. To our friends in Great Britain we say this: Whenever you can come here – the Tute is not so late – we are ready! “He added.

Brand ambassador and ski Sunday presenter Ed Legg predicts increased demand for the spring ski holiday. “I’m pushing Easter as the best time to go skiing regardless of Covid. But with the change in segregation, it means there is a perfect week for 2021. “

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