Travel despite Kovid restrictions

ROMA – The epidemic does not stop Madonna. Despite the stringent security measures, the 62-year-old is traveling a lot during this period. Accused by new lover, Ballerino 26 Jane Ahlamalik WilliamsThe singer traveled 11,700 miles in three weeks. The couple are also accompanied by the artist’s adopted children: 15-year-old, David Banda, Mercy James, 14, and twins Estere and Stella, both eight years old. Lady Siscon first flew by a plane Shifts a London: Natural son Rocco lives in the United Kingdom, now twenty years old and has the opportunity to see his mother again during the Christmas holidays. The cheerful group spent a few days before leaving for England Malawi Making a halt In Egypt, in Aswan. In Malawi, Madonna and her family met with President Lazarus Chakwar and visited a hospital established by the Queen of Pop.

Kovid-19 did not stop Madonna

After Malawi Mother of christ She moved in with her family In kenya. Here everyone took a safari with dedication. Sources close to the pop star have ensured that Madonna and her family have used all of Kovid’s precautions before landing from one place to another. Madonna flew aboard her private jet and in the leisure group she also strongly wanted photographer Ricardo Gomes, whom the singer called to take some unreleased photos in Africa. In recent times, Madonna has shared some shots on her Instagram account portraying her with her boyfriend while mixing with Pocott’s African tribe.

Storm for the trip to madonna

Travel Mother of christ Someone has closed their nose due to the emergency of coronavirus virus because it has become difficult for normal people to move from one place to another. However, the new English rules do not establish quarantine for travelers to Malawi and Kenya in this case A negative Kovid-19 test is sufficient. Last March, when the epidemic spread, Madonna locked herself in her London home and has now decided not to let the cursed virus affect her life.

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