Transport of nuclear fuel: a Russian plane landed at Slovakian airport

The cargo plane was able to fly over the territory of Belarus and Poland after obtaining permission from Warsaw.

airspace closed

due to Russian invasion UkraineSeveral European countries have decided to close their airspace to Russian aircraft. One cargo plane Russian transport nuclear fuel landed at the airport Slovakia Despite this closure, according to Parisian,
The Slovak Economy Ministry has confirmed that “Volga Dnepr Airlines IL76 plane landed at Bratislava airport today“Transport of nuclear fuel from the Russian Federation Russia,

An exception

daily remembers that Slovakia Russian is one of the last countries in the European Union to decide to close its airspace to aircraft, but this flight had an exception. The latter is intended for humanitarian aid and transportation of nuclear fuel,
As a result, the aircraft was able to fly over Belarusian territory and Poland after getting permission from Warsaw,
This combustible will be used in two Slovak nuclear power plants in Mochowske and Jaslovske BohuniseThe latter produced 53% of the country’s energy in 2020.

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