Transition in Burkina Faso: the head of government sets his schedule

Diagnosing the national situation, A. Oedraogo underlined that in addition to the difficult security and humanitarian context, there was also the health crisis associated with COVID-19. To counter these difficulties, the head of government announces in its roadmap, the fight against terrorism and the restoration of the integrity of the region, as priorities. This includes restructuring within the command of the Armed Forces, strengthening the workforce through recruitment, recall of retired soldiers and strengthening partnerships.

The Prime Minister stressed that the government has opted for the diversification of Burkina Faso’s strategic partners while respecting the independence and integrity of the region.


At the level of restoration of the state and reform of public administration, the head of government announced the suspension of recruitment on new measures, pending a re-study of the texts. It promises to unleash the hype of technical prowess.

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At the political level, A. Oedraogo has promised a new legal framework relating to construction, funding of political parties and limits on campaign expenses, which will make it possible to fight against electoral corruption and money laundering, according to the head of government. Money laundering during election period.

Finally, they announced priority measures within the framework of the national reconciliation process. He cited, among other things, expediting the processing of cases pending in the court.

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