Tragic Lessons from Netflix Challenger Disaster Series – Death is a Professional Disaster

Tragic Lessons from Netflix Challenger Disaster Series - Death is a Professional Disaster

We are about 35 years away from the Challenger space shuttle crash, in January 1976 when seven American astronauts flew from Cape Canaveral just one minute after taking off. Those of us of a certain age like the Kennedy assassination or the death of Princess Diana of Wales can clearly remember where we were at that time.

I remember seeing the news that parts of the spacecraft had gone in different directions as the evening film of different steam trails; But I remember seeing better footage the day after the great television address he gave to his people on the eve of the tragedy, with President Reagan commenting on America’s response to the real national tragedy.

In 1941, he quoted the high-flying poem by John Gillespie Maggie Jr., a Canadian Air Force pilot, who said that “the ultimate bond of the earth” slipped “to give astronauts a ‘touch of God’s mouth’. Treating the current occupant of the White House with such uniqueness expands the imagination to an impossible extent.

Reagan was certainly an actor – though not the highest caliber – and he knew how to get his lines to reach the maximum impact; It was probably his biggest speech and his great acting. Netflix, Challenger: The testimony of NASA regulators and rocket engineers on The Final Flight has been used not only to reconsider the story, but also to view it, quoting from its address and many other contemporary footage. He has been blamed in detail.

The story features the development of the space shuttle program, the selection of astronauts, their biographies, and the limitations of the deadliest moments. Reagan requested a request from his former attorney-general, William Rogers, who chaired the investigation. Vice-Chairman), the American space agency should not approach NASA.

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