Trader Joe goes crazy after being asked to wear a ‘Karen’ face mask

CA because a Trader Joe, who was expelled from a store in North Hollywood, called them “Democratic pigs” because he didn’t wear a screaming mask to his employees.

The popular grocery chain opened a 16,000 square foot large store on 6150 Laurel Canyon Boulevard on Friday, but the grand opening occurred when the woman claimed she was “harassed” by both workers and shoppers because she refused to wear the face covering. Newsweek reported.

Mobile phone videos shot by other customers show that the woman in the Los Angeles area is throwing the shopping cart, screaming at store workers, and will not allow her doctor to wear a mask to protect herself and others from infection.

A Twitter user, D Giles, refers to the woman as follows: “Karen from the San Fernando Valley,” and said “F – k you” to the shoppers who faced him.

“That guy harassed me for not wearing a mask,” she said, recording the incident with her shopping friends. “I have a breathing problem, my doctor won’t let me wear a mask. So everyone who harassed me to wear a mask is violating federal law. Did you understand? Take this to the camera. “

The woman was finally accompanied from the store. At one point in the video, he saw that he hit the plastic shopping cart on the ground and threw store workers furiously.

South Carolina doctor Dr. Megan Hall, made a video It blocks the oxygen intake shared on the social media that refutes the claim masks.

“Even though it is inconvenient for some, you can still breathe,” said Hall.

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