Trade with Great Britain is declining – also in South Baden

Brexit gave companies a lot of work in South Baden – and it is likely to rise again in early 2022. BZ asked.

At the beginning of the year, trucks were stuck in traffic jams on the borders of the European Union and Great Britain for several days, nothing worked. The pictures made it clear: Brexit is “done”. Despite a trade and cooperation agreement, a customs border was created. This costs companies time and money, customs formalities have to be completed, and long wait times at borders. Overall, trade with Great Britain declined, including South Baden.
“We expected the worst,” says Wolfgang Saxauer, sales and marketing manager at Rheintacho in Freiburg. But it wasn’t so bad, according to Sexauer, well-prepared experts in speed measurement technology. Cooperation with British customers continued to work well. Even before the United Kingdom left the European Union, the Freiburg-based company had a warehouse for periodic customers in Great Britain, which was expanded from the autumn of last year.
“We dealt with the worst …

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