Tracy Emin says her next ambition is to achieve ‘past Christmas’ in the fight against cancer

Tracy Emin says she is hopeful she will get “last Christmas” after being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

The 57-year-old artist is now being pardoned after the operation – but his limbs had to be removed and a stoma bag implanted.

He was first diagnosed in the spring and had an operation in the summer.

Tracy was working on a new piece, a painting of Malignant Golu, when doctors discovered a tumor in her bladder.

Now he is told how he was helped by his destructive diagnosis by walking home.

Tracy told The Sunday Times Magazine: “When I found out I had cancer I could deal with it because I thought it wasn’t really a bad time, it was a good time.

Tracy says her next ambition is to ‘get last Christmas’

“I was just happy and excited about my future – something like the star line could happen.

“I felt really good. I’m interested in moving into my new home. I want to stay indoors and paint. I want to work. I don’t want to waste time.”

And wanting to know what her next big ambition was, Tracy commented: “Well, it was a lot different than before to get past Christmas.”

He was making a fatal mistake when he was diagnosed

He told Artnet about the painting of the malignant lump: “It’s just like my tumor bladder, I knew before I got cancer – it’s brilliant!”

To my bed and everyone I know best known for work like Ever Slip With, Trey has recently finished work on a completely new collection, Detail of Love, which will open in Brussels later this month.

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Unable to draw Tracy since her operation in the summer.

Trey took more photography after being left unable to draw his activity

He did not, however, cut off his creative consciousness, instead creating a series of photographs of his own body as part of his “Existence” project.

In recent years, he has beaten Margate from London and is selling his home in Miami.

During his chat with ArtNet, he also touched on the MeToo movement.

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