“Towards the end of this year” ‘s Eurogamenet Bl

"Towards the end of this year" 's Eurogamenet Bl

“Extra polish, and to balance and repeat”.

Blizzard has announced that the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft, which was originally due to launch on October 27, will be delayed for some time “later this year”.

In announcing the news in a statement on the World of Warcraft website, Blizzard explained that it had made significant progress in “replicating and polishing” the original gameplay and features of Shadowlands – region, promotion, level-finding and story “all ready to share.” , It says – other areas still felt the need to do extra work.

“When everything started to come together,” the developer wrote, “and as we listened to and responded to your feedback, it became clear that we needed some more time for additional polishing, and for balance and repetition in some interlocking pieces – especially in endgame.” He called Shadowlands “one of the most complex we’ve ever made” and said the challenge to tune the endgame was “further complicated by the team working from home”.

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“The iceberg is committed to quality,” it continued, “We believe the Shadowlands will be something special, and we’ve heard from those of you who feel the same way. Shadowlands ensure we need this extra time to continue to its full potential.”

Blizzard says it’s “still in the process of setting an exact new release date,” but will release a Shadowlands “pre-patch” on October 13th. This will presumably lay the groundwork for expansion, reconstructed character leveling, new player experience in the Rich Reach, as well as various new character customization options. An event prior to the launch, in which players must defend Azareth against the resurgence of the Sergeant, will move closer to the release of Shadowlands.

The eighth major expansion of the Shadowlands War Warcraft, and the title presents “a resting place for every mortal soul – virtuous or abominable – that ever survives.” In more practical terms, this means five new areas for players to explore: Ardenweld, Maldraxixus, Rivendreth, The Mao, and Bashan, the house of angels guiding the Kirians.

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