Towards a new design for the iMac and Mac Pro ranges?

At the end of last year, Apple revisited the look of its iPhone range, with the iPhone 12 (well) reworked design. While the American veteran is also ready, according to constant rumors, a change of its MacBook Pro range, it has been whispered more and more loudly that the good old iMac will also be entitled to its change. This is in any case, predating Mark Gurman for Bloomberg.

New for iMac (and Mac Pro)

According to the journalist, the iMac range will experience its biggest revision since 2012. American giants can thus offer a range of computers with a completely revised look. We specifically mention the removal of the “chin” feature of the iMac, thinner borders, but also a much flatter rear.

Normal appearance (of future iMac) Pro display will look more or less like XDR“Explains. The new iMac will thus replace the current 27 iM and 21.5 and models, and could be one of the most important redesigns of the year on Apple. A change that would be particularly welcome should be, as That iMac design is doing today “Old fashioned“Contrary to their configuration, ultra modern.

A change that will also concern the Mac Pro, a refresh of the current range on one side, but also a new one form factor, More compact (about 50%) than the current Mac Pro. A new computer that can play nostalgia’s card is reminiscent of a certain Power Mac G4 cube.

Newer Apple computers may also be equipped with “made in Apple” next-generation processors. Remember that the recent MacBook and Mac Mini launched late last year are powered by Apple’s M1 processor. You can also find our complete exam of the Mac Mini M1 at this address.

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