Tournament organizers of six countries fear empty stadiums

The tournament may again be crowded, or even deprived of spectators. Due to the spectacular spread of the Omicron version across Europe in recent weeks, competition organizers are concerned that matches for the Six Nations 2022 (5 February to 19 March) will be played in empty stadiums, say wire this Tuesday.

They are currently scaling up meetings with unions and governments to try to determine whether the current restrictions will still be in place in a month or so. Even though the health projections are difficult to assess, they would expect an approximate roadmap by the end of the week.

On-going restrictions in most tournament countries

The possibility of postponing tournament matches to give more chances of full stadium play seems unlikely due to the density of the calendar. Currently, spectator restrictions for outdoor sporting events have been imposed in the majority of the countries concerned: in Scotland at a maximum of 500 spectators, in France at 5,000 (currently scheduled until 23 January) and Ireland in Wales set a gauge during meetings. has gone. Must be played behind closed doors.

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