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Countries in the Mediterranean basin await the return of travelers. Alban Mikozi, French journalist The television, from Rome (Italy), was live on Sunday 14 May during 13 hours.

Italy removes its quarantine imposed on European travelers from Sunday, 16 May. As a result, Rome already has more people. A crowd which I estimate is about 10,000 people is a crowd that we have not seen since 14 months, since we are experiencing a health crisis.“, Albany reports Mikozi, Live from rome (Italy). Sanctions have been lifted to a great extent. “The only thing you are asked at the airport is, have you been vaccinated? If yes, then you can enter Italy independently. The same thing applies if there is a negative control for less than 48 hours.“, The journalist continues. Like all countries in the Mediterranean basin, tourism is essential to the Italian economy.

Spain is awaiting the return of foreign tourists To reassure them, she is betting on a health pass announced this week. He should enter Power in the course of Month but Unlike Portugal, Spain has not lifted the ban for travelers to the United Kingdom, which is preparing to find its British tourists on Monday, 17 May. Greece was defeated last year 80% Of his presence. There is an urgent need to revive the tourism economy.

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