Tour Championship: Dustin Johnson claims three shots to win FedExCup | Golf News

Tour Championship: Dustin Johnson claims three shots to win FedExCup | Golf News

Last updated: 07/09/20 11:48 pm

Dustin Johnson is the 2020 FedExCap Champion

Dustin Johnson finally got his hands on the FedExcoop after surviving in the final round of a nerve to win the Tour Championship by three shots.

The final day of the severely disrupted PGA Tour season was not Johnson’s parade that many predicted, his five-shot overnight lead was cut to two strokes that landed in the desert on East Lake, Atlanta.

Janser Schaefel showed Johnson a few threats on the final day

Janser Schaefel showed Johnson a few threats on the final day

But the first number in the world held its nerves when it was the most important thing, and the 13th put some important per-saving putts on the back nine, including the one outside 20 feet, which seemed to the American to be gavalized, who missed most. When there is controversy for the richest prizes in sports.

Johnson entered the final round with a fourth consecutive tournament lead, and found no hint of nerves as he ran 20-feet for Birdie in third place, and his closest rivals, Justin Thomas and Gender Scaffley, were behind him to collect more shots in five and six. Distance.

However, a blocked drive after Johnson dropped to seventh prevented him from going green with a second, he missed a six-foot jute for the next side and needed a good stroke from a similar range in the ninth to avoid a third straight couple.

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The player’s partner Scafill increased the pressure with the Birdies at 11 and 12 and brought him down to 18 and there were only two behind Johnson, the latter found the problem from T and couldn’t avoid the work of the two that neither could hit. Control is green.

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Shuffle fired the first shot of the day, and Johnson watched as he did the same when his fluffy chip landed on the entire surface, but his daring part hit the back of the hole and his three shots landed to recover the advantage.

Both traded purses in dangerous 14th and 15th holes, while Thomas, who has five birdies in the outer half butt, got into an argument with birdie at the age of 16, the only 2017 FedEx Cup champion to draw to the right of his drive for a fairway hole when he returned to the fairway.

Justin Thomas won the lead twice for the alliance

Justin Thomas won the lead twice for the alliance

After scouting 20 feet outside for the 1st Birdie, when Chaophil regained his hope, Johnson returned from driving in the Fairway Bunker to cross safely, and Scaffold found the sand at 1:17 p.m., and his task was made somewhat easier. Do not reach the green from the trap.

Johnson was able to save the pitch as he settled into a conventional four, and the extra bounce in Johnson’s move was evident in the final farewell when he landed the 337-yard drive straight into the middle when there were a lot of people in his position. Played 580-yard par-five as a three-shot hole.

Scaffold had to lie down after telling his drive a rough lie, and the game was over as Johnson had a chance to come up short with his second and find the front bunker, a great chance to snatch Scaffold himself a second time before giving up 13 feet.

Johnson specializes in each of the nine holes in the back

Johnson specializes in each of the nine holes in the back

He couldn’t take it, and settled for second and second with Thomas, who had previously closed out his adventurous 66 with a seventh birdie of 66 rounds, and the stage was clear for Johnson-style closing the season. , Scattering five feet and converting Birdie Putt to 68 and scoring a win under 21 – the week started at under 10.

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Jon Rahm wasn’t really close enough to challenge on the final day, and the double-bogie in fourth place couldn’t help him even though he birdied the next before making an aggl in the sixth.

Rahm got off to a great start, effectively ending his chances, and the three birdies came in fourth in the under-66s and under-17s, three strokes before the two-stroke of the year Scotty Schaffler.

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September 8, 2020, 7:00 pm


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