Toulouse. Waiting for Tony Gigot

The Avignon native, Tony Gigot, signed up for a season at the Toulouse Olympics, seduced by the club’s project to enter the Super League. He could make his Witheaven debut next Sunday.

Do not be afraid of words! Tony Gigot, a future Olympian is one of the French sports nuggets. Ball in hand, he knows how to do everything, he can develop in all positions of the attack line, from back to hinge. On a lawn, he is an artist, a free electron.

Avignon’s origins are in a way a very strong character with reference to “Eric Cantona” being the thirteenth “also” of rugby. In his junior, defender years at Spartak Moscow, Tony finally chose rugby union, a little by coincidence.

One day, a college friend offered him to join the SOA Minimum team. Won Tony and it is a fantastic story. The most beautiful story written in Wembley was in Wembley on August 26, 2018. On that day, the Catalan Dragons played the final of the FA Cup (second in club history) against Warrington. That day, the Catalan collective played to perfection.

At the time of the break, the Dragons favor the scoreboard (14-6). With the restart, Warrington becomes more and more threatened. In this second half, Tony started from behind, playing a voice above. The limits of his kicking game on perfection. In defense, he is exceptional. Each balloon he touches is a puff of oxygen for his training. In the end, the Catalan win (20–14).

For the first time, the cup leaves the United Kingdom and for the first time, a Frenchman wins the Lance Tod Trophy (trophy for the best player of the final) awarded to Tony. For such a player what a pleasure it is for Toulouse Olympics.

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Lee to a Widnes, Tony Faces a Whitehaven

This afternoon, Toulouse will face the Olympics in Swinton’s lawn. Formerly, Widnes was a legendary England club in 1989, World Club champion.

To this day, the Giants club is dragging the devil by the tail. In the standings, he is ranked ninth thanks to his win over Swinton (48–16) last week.

For Sylvain Houles’ team, this is a good chance to secure a fourth consecutive win and consolidate their place in the leading pair with Featherstone. Next week in Whitehaven, Tony can make his debut in his new jersey. There is good news for Teo, but not necessarily for his opponent.

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last name : Tony GigotBirth: December 27, 1990 in Avignonweight: 83 kg, height: 1 m82Post: Back, center, spotting, halfAward: European Trophy 2018; Winners of FA Cup 2018, Lance Tod Trophy 2018International selection: 16, 2013 including participation in the World CupPrevious club: Avignon, Saint-Esteve-XIII Catalan, Dragons Catalan, London, Toronto, Wakefield, Toulouse Olympics.

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