Toulouse. Toulouse students fight stereotypes in science

In Toulouse, students in the Physical Measurement and Mechanical Engineering courses condemn the cliché. In one video he returns to the legitimate place of women in science.

Stop the conservatism! Women have always had a place in scientific research. Students from the Department of Physical Measurement and Mechanical Engineering keep pointing this out.

Through a video posted on the social network as well as on Paul Sabatier University’s site, future researchers and technicians intend to silence the cliché.

For several minutes, they talk about their motivations as well as all the missions present in their university courses. For once, it is quite rare. People in these areas are often not given a floor.

“We are often told that a woman is not made for scientific pursuits,” admits Lucy. The student, along with some of her colleagues, is at the core of the initiative. Her aim remains simple: “We want to break taboos, such videos, we haven’t met many. It would be nice to say that a woman can be successful in this field as well”, says future technicians. All students appearing in the video are from the Tetr’ISS project.

The competition, started by Thomas Pesquet, inspires the residents of Toulouse to work on experiments that will be found in the International Space Station. Heista, who is also appearing in the video, is pleased that all the students in the group have participated in a message posted on the faculty’s website. She praises the collective work: “Among the team, the men also worked on this video, the message being universal. The boys in our training are also aware of stereotypes”.

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Hysta wants publication on the university’s website to get around high schools. The student wants “young people not to worry about clichés when making their career choices”.

Today, most of the trades in these technical training courses are written in men. An event that students would like to change. Dreaming of a career similar to that of chemist Marie Curie or astronaut Valentina Terechkova, they repeat it again and again: “No, science is not just a man’s business”.

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