Toulouse hosts the World Rugby Sevens series

Toulouse hosts the World Rugby Sevens Series at the Stade Ernest Wallen. The first discipline for 7-a-side rugby, a variant of traditional rugby, incorporated the essential principles of the 15-a-side game. However, there are some differences. the explanation.

This is a first for Toulouse. From 20 to 22 May 2022, Stade Ernest Wallen hosts the World Rugby Sevens Series. A series of international tournaments that take place annually in the form of championships between fifteen national teams. So we will look at the biggest stars of a discipline that is eventually little known to the general public. Whether male or female.

Rugby sevens originated in Scotland in the late 19th century and developed in the late 20th century in Anglo-Saxon countries (South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom), then France. On 9 October 2009, rugby sevens became an Olympic sport and actually made an appearance at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, where the women’s side Fiji men’s team and Australia won the first medal.Gold.

The basic rules of Rugby 7 are based on the Laws of the Game. to XV, But there are differences, here they are:

  • A team cannot have more than 7 players on the field. The team consists of 3 forwards, 1 scrum half and 3 quarterbacks.
  • The duration of a match is 14 minutes, i.e. 2 periods of 7 minutes separated by half-time of 2 minutes. The final of the tournament is played in a 20-minute match (2×10 minutes).
  • Conversion, dismissal and kick-off : These various kicks are performed as drop kicks, which are called drop-goals. Unlike rugby union, the team that scored kicks from midfield with a drop kick.
  • A penalty or free kick can be taken as a drop kick/drop-goal (action that involves dropping the ball out of the hands and kicking the ball after it has hit the ground) or a volley, but never as a place kick. (like penalties in rugby union for example)
  • Closed Scrums and Hits: These stages of the game are smaller in number than in rugby union. Closed scrums are played 3 against 3. The ball must be heeled and the players tied until the end of the scrum. At least 2 players in each team’s alignment, touches are disputed with the players.
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The World Rugby Sevens tournament in Toulouse will be an opportunity to watch the world’s best players in discipline. Among them, Nelson AP, who play in the rugby 7s section at Stade Toulousan. Nicknamed by some the “Rocket” because of his burst of speed, he eagerly awaits on the lawn of the Stade Ernest Wallen.

If you would like to follow this competition and purchase tickets, visit the French Rugby Federation website. Tickets are sold individually from 10 euros to 50 euros, or as a pack.

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