Tottenham beat Leicester in recovery

Leicester (United Kingdom) – Incredible win for Tottenham Antonio Conte, who beat Leicester 3-2. An exciting and decisive challenge in the final bergwijny (Entered ten minutes from the end). Leicester (who were 2-1 in the 95th minute) threw a game that seemed in hand. three gold points For Tottenham, Joe (with two games less than his direct competitors) is fifth in the standings.

Leicester-Tottenham, match report & statistics

for sprint start tottenham, who scored almost twice Harry Kane: its first conclusion is rejected, the second is printed over it crossbar, Then it’s Lucas Moura’s turn, who connects Schmeichel to a close-range fireball. Leicester defends itself and at the first opportunity Daka. leads with, Conte’s men reacted quickly: can draw After a great bump, then (before the break) touches the brace. The challenge in the second half is beautiful and balanced. Madison was blocked by Lloris with a shot close to the lead for Leicester. Tanganga responds for Tottenham, with a conclusion that eludes Schmeichel. Fifteen minutes from the end, the hosts are back: Dirty Shot By Madison and the ball defeats Joe Lloris. Conte plays all out and joins Bergvision. The striker enters ten minutes from the end and decides to challenge in full recovery: first he draws in the 95th minute, then a minute later he uses a hole in Leicester’s defense to score his brace.

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