Top Gear fans get dumped when Freddie Flintoff becomes AWOL and shows off the “garbage” mark without him

Top Gear fans were disappointed Sunday night as Freddie Flintoff was absent from the action – calling the show “nonsense” without him.

The former cricketer failed to make it to Iceland to join co-hosts Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris for the final off-road volcano race.

Paddy and Chris travel to Iceland in the episodecredit: bbc


Freddie was absent from the episode because he had to isolate getty

Freddy, 43, was absent from the show’s opening as a co-star, 48, and Chris, 46, revealed that he traveled to Iceland for the most recent episode.

The stars have revealed they are traveling to Iceland with their cars due to “few options” of travel during the summer due to coronavirus restrictions.

But even then, Freddy may still have missed the trip as Paddy explained that the father of four had to isolate himself because he had to leave.

“I can’t believe Flintoff wasn’t here—he’d love it,” said the TV host, as he walked through a sparse landscape of black sand and rolling hills.

“Unfortunately, the day before our trip, Flintoff was forced to self-isolate and therefore could not attend the trip,” Chris said of his missing co-host.

The pair then traipsed through incredible scenery to race their cars – a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Vauxhall Chevette.

But fans were disappointed that the cricketer could not join him and Twitter was flooded with complaints that the show was “nonsense” without him.

“Where’s Freddy?” It’s not the same, I miss him,” wrote one viewer, as a second step: “Tonight without Freddy’s on Top Gear is kinda bullshit.” ,

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“Without Freddy’s, Top Gear S Club is worse than becoming 7K S Club,” joked a third, while a fourth grumbled: “Crap. Off.”

“Listen, “Flintoff couldn’t do that” and wonder why I’m still watching,” wrote the fifth as a closing sixth fan wrote, “That’s not funny but where’s Freddy?”

While Freddy failed overseas, he was later seen trying out a brand new Corvette in a UK episode.

Top Gear airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One

The presenter trio split because Freddy was unable to travel abroad.


The presenter trio split because Freddy was unable to travel bbc

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