Top 6 Countries with the Best Netflix Catalog

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Netflix is a streaming service by Subscription Offering Movies and Series. Present in around 200 countries across the world, it has established itself as the No. 1 platform for video on demand. Actually, Netflix adopts every country by offering different offers. What are the two reasons for this differentiated proposition? Netflix programming from 30 countries is analyzed. The Uswitch study is based on scores obtained on a platform called IMDb. It is a database specializing in movies and television series.

Which are the top 6 countries with best netflix catalog ? Let us tell you in advance that France is not present there. He finds himself at the 16th position in this ranking.

2 Reasons Why Netflix Offers Different From Country to Country

Netflix catalog offerings vary by country for two reasons: media chronology and broadcast rights.

media timeline

The chronology of the media is a French regulation that determines the timing of a film’s circulation in accordance with the support of the dissemination. The agreement was signed between the French Broadcasting Office (ORTF) and Cinema Productions to finance the big screen and encourage people to go into dark rooms. As of July 1, 2021, the time between a film’s release in theaters and its broadcast on a subscription video-on-demand service is only 12 months. Broadcast media are classified according to order of priority: movie theaters, video on demand (pay-per-view video on demand, DVD, Blu-ray), pay television (Canal+, OCS), the Subscription video-on-demand services (Netflix), Other Pay Channels, Free TV and Free Video on Demand (YouTube). However, if a film has less than 100,000 cinema admissions, the time limit is reduced.

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broadcast rights

The SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) platform offers two types of programs: those who make it and those who buy it. In this last case, Netflix may broadcast purchased audiovisual material only if it has purchased broadcast rights. In effect, broadcasting rights control and protect the transmission of audio-visual material. That’s why Netflix buys its movies and series from producers. It also determines the duration and place of the exercise of its broadcasting rights. Actually, these are specific to each country. Thus, in France, if a streaming platform holds the broadcast rights to a program and it is of interest Netflix, it would have to buy back its broadcasting rights to be able to be included in its French catalogue. It can be expensive. This explains why audiovisual material does not exist. Another peculiarity is found in the fact that within the framework of some local programs, producers want to keep the circulation in their own country or in a limited number of countries.

Top 6 Countries with the Best Netflix Catalog

Here is the end of the suspense. the six countries that have access Netflix’s Best Audiovisual Content Catalog classified as.


japan is a country best netflix catalog, with respect to both the movies and the series. In the Japanese catalog, you can find anime or animated (films or animated series in the broadest sense) and Japanese movies. Many anime are only available in Japan, such as The Misfit of Demon King Academy. Surprisingly, you get American movies that are not available in the United States.

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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the second country with the best Netflix catalogue. This country is also the first country to have a variety of films. However, with regard to the series, it does not enter the top 15. In fact, the list of streaming platform For example the famous American series Friends is not included.

South Korea

South Korea is the third country with the best Netflix catalogue. It is made up of very well known movies like Old Boy and little known movies like The Age of Shadows. The country produces highly successful artistic works such as the film Parasite and the Squid Games series.

United Kingdom

The UK is the fourth country with the best Netflix catalogue. It ranked first among countries offering the most content (movies and series inclusive). UK too. ranked first for Catalog with Best Series : Breaking Bad, Our Planet and Rick and Morty. We have access to Shameless and The Bold type films in this country.


Switzerland is the 5th country with the best Netflix catalogue. It offers a wide choice of movies and series from the 80s and 90s.


Hungary is the sixth country with the best Netflix catalogue. The latter are French series that Netflix doesn’t even offer in France.

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