Top 2020 offers on QLED and Smart 4K TVs for sale in the UK

If you want real cinematic experience, you will want a top quality OELD TV. Unlike LED sets, which illuminate the entire screen, OELDD (and for organic) screens illuminate individual pixels, which can be turned off to achieve true black colors, while also giving them a faster response time to limit blur and provide faster contrast. There are. This 55-inch model from LG is a great price for an OELD model.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, LG’s 65 “OAELD model also sells on Curry Black Friday for কার 2,999, an incredible ০০ 00.

Now why

What to look for when buying a TV

Buying a television is a huge investment – not just from a financial standpoint, as it gives your living room a prime location in the heart of any home.

Like, if you want to buy a new TV for sale on Black Friday, you should consider a lot. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Our bottom chit sheet antagonizes the technical jargon (OLED, QLED and LED) and covers everything you need about screen size and sound quality.

Screen size

Larger ones aren’t always better, but it’s worth noting that manufacturers often save their premium OLED and QLED models for larger screen sizes. For example, telegraph writer Jack Rear suggests going to a TV that is at least 55 inches (NB: this is not the width of the screen from the bottom left, the distance from the bottom to the right).

The screen should be parallel to your eyes, no more than 15 degrees at the top or bottom, or a 40-degree angle to the left or right.

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Image quality: What is 4K and Ultra HD?

Imagine your TV like a mosaic with every pixel tile. The more tiles there are, the more detailed your mosaic will be. A standard high-definition TV has two million pixels. A 4K TV has eight million, so the detail will be even better.

The term 4K therefore refers to the ultra high-definition image quality and is interchangeable with the term Ultra HD (or UHD for some models). A 4K Ultra HD has a premium screen resolution, totaling eight million pixels – four times more than an HD TV. This means you get a compressed image on the screen.

With the exception of 8K televisions, in general, you should aim for 4K televisions, as these are the highest quality televisions.

However, 8K televisions don’t always support most broadcasters, and you can’t stream 8K or buy 8K Blu-ray.

It’s best to stick to 4K TV until 8K becomes more mainstream. Almost all of these models have the ability to ‘upscale’ standard HD content, and premium 4K models may include HDR (high dynamic range), a contrast enhancing system that makes colors more distinctive on screen.

While researching TV you will see other terms – such as “Full HD” and “HD Ready”. To avoid any confusion, the following is a classification of TVs, ranked worse than the best picture quality:

  1. 8K
  2. 4K / Ultra HD
  3. Absolutely rich in high quality
  4. HD Ready
  5. Standard definition

To know other terms: OLED, QLED and LED

The brightness of the TV screen depends on whether it is an LED, LED or QLED device. An LED television uses a backlight and turns off light fields during dark scenes. If you combine HDR, you can get better screen resolution due to the color contrast.

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You (Organic light emitting devices) TVs have more complex systems. The pixels of this TV go through electricity when the light does not rely on the backlight. For example, the pixels turn off their own color during dark scenes – so darker colors appear darker and brighter colors appear more strongly. This method means that LED devices have less LEDs than TVs

QLED (Quantum dot light emitting diode) technology was designed by Samsung and announced in 2018-2018. QLD televisions use particles that are able to radiate more color in more brightness, because they have a microscopic particle filter.

What is a smart TV?

A smart TV will include apps, catch-up services, streaming channels (such as Netflix and YouTube) and give you access to the Internet.


As the screen size continues to get thinner, there is less space in the models for front-facing speakers. Therefore, we recommend either investing in a model of Dolby Atmos Sound (for a cinematic effect) or looking for a soundbar – which is also usually on sale on Black Friday.

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