“Too early” to consider a new stimulus package, Westeger believes

European Competition Commissioner Margaret said on Sunday, it is “too early” to consider an extension to the European recovery plan set in July 2020, while “not a single euro” has been spent. Westeger, in an interview with Les Echoes.

The commissioner said, “It is too early to consider it. I find it a little strange to talk about a new plan, we are not sure we need it, when we already have a lot.”

“We haven’t spent a single euro out of the 750 billion euros provided in the first plan,” she recalled.

The European Union agreed to a recovery fund financed in July 2020 by a common debt issue of 750 billion euros (5.6% of European GDP).

It can be activated only when 27 countries have ratified it, yet at this stage only 19 national parliaments have ratified the agreement.

France and Germany called for the “soon-to-be” implementation of the recovery plan in late April so that China and the United States would not lag behind in the race for global reform.

Facing the United States’ decision to inject $ 1.900 billion into the US economy, French President Emmanuel Macron estimated at the end of a European summit on March 25 that Europe should “reform” its economic and budgetary response and ” Complete “. Kovid-19 crisis for “more vigorous” recovery.

For Magreth Westeger, “We can worry about starving in a week, but the main thing today is to eat. The goal is not to spend as much money as possible, but to get the best possible results.”

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